The Old Maid Poked Her Nose in Where It Didn’t Belong and Caused a Ruckus in the Car Pool Chat Group

A fed-up wife took to Reddit for opinions after she had a fight with one of her husband’s coworkers. She ended up getting accused of bullying over chat. Here is her full story.

Carpool Chat Group

OP is married to a man who took her last name. It took him a while, but he finally got his workplace to make the change.

When his coworkers found out about the name change, some of them were offended, and some thought it was funny. OP’s husband had to endure some jokes, but the couple pretty much just ignored the teasing.

But OP is part of a group chat with her husband’s coworker’s, and that’s where the trouble started.

The coworkers use the chat to make carpool arrangements, and OP is the one who works things out for her husband. That’s because he’s a rural mail carrier and doesn’t have access to the chat during the day.

“Your Husband’s Shirts Are Always Dirty”

Other spouses participate in the chat for the same reason, so OP is not alone in that regard. 

Recently, after her husband’s name change, OP asked his coworkers if anyone could take him home that night since she herself had to work late. Someone agreed, and OP thought that was the end of the conversation.

But then a woman who OP knew from the chat chimed in and said that OP should spend more time taking care of her husband than working. She even commented that the husband’s shirts were always dirty.

OP thought that was kind of funny and pointed out that her hubby worked on hot, dusty roads all day long. She could spend all her time washing his shirts and they wouldn’t look any better.

“You Should Be Embarrassed for Doing So Little for Your Husband”

But the other woman wasn’t finished taking OP to task. She said OP should be embarrassed for doing so little for her husband.

OP wasn’t going to let the woman run her over, though, and told her that she was the breadwinner. If her husband wanted to bleach his own shirts, he was more than welcome to do so.

At that point, the other woman got really nasty and told OP that she better shape up or she’d find herself divorced.

OP dished it right back and told the lady that she didn’t really need relationship advice from a single woman in her 40s.

The Whole Thing Blew Up!

That ended the conversation, or at least that’s what OP thought.

Later that night, OP fessed up to her husband after the blowup in the group chat.

She apologized for telling everyone that she made more money than he did. But OP’s husband thought it was all pretty funny and said he was lucky to have a hot wife who paid the bills.

But now the husband’s coworker is telling anyone who will listen that OP made fun of her for being single in her 40s. She’s trying to paint OP as a bully and stir up trouble at work.

OP says she doesn’t have a problem with single women, but she does have a problem with people who talk out of their butts. 

She Was Sticking Her Nose Where It Didn’t Belong

The uptight coworker has no experience being married, so OP thinks she has no business giving anyone advice about how to keep a husband. And she certainly doesn’t have the right to call OP a bad wife.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s position and think the coworker was way off base for sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.

Many say that she is jealous of the marriage and may even have eyes for OP’s husband.

Outdated Equality Views

Some say that the coworker’s views would have been outdated in the 1950s, let alone in the 2020s.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP out of line for putting the heckler in her place?

Or was she justified for fighting back when the woman attacked her?

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