The Parents Punish Their Son for Sister’s Racist Jokes – Are They in the Wrong?

A family deals with issues of racism and cultural insensitivity among their children, leading to a destructive act by their son and a dilemma over how to discipline him.

Racist Daughter

A married couple in their late 40s with six children, ranging from 5 to 19 years old, face a challenging situation with their teenage daughter, Gianna, who recently made racist jokes about songs from different cultures with her choir classmates. 

Despite their initial disappointment, the parents decide to take a constructive approach by educating their daughter on the importance of cultural respect and making her apologize to her teacher. 

Their efforts seem to have fallen short, as Gianna and her friends, including her boyfriend, were caught making racist jokes again. The parents decide to investigate by taking her phone to find out the source of this behavior.

Their Son’s Friend Is Honduran

Meanwhile, the couple’s youngest son Ryker, who is 13 years old, has a friend on his baseball team, who is Honduran. 

After hearing about the derogatory remarks made towards Honduran music, Ryker became angry and asked his parents if he could invite his friend over to educate his sister and her friends about his culture. 

Educating Gianna

His parents allow him to do so, and during the visit, Ryker’s friend and his parents teach the family about Honduran food, sports, and music. While Ryker and his friend enjoy the experience, Gianna seems uninterested and annoyed.

Once again, the parents get a call from the school about Gianna’s derogatory and racist comments. When Ryker gets wind of this information, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

He Sabotages Her Dress

Ryker and his friends decide to sabotage Gianna’s dress for the junior banquet by covering it in mud, drinks, and cutting holes in it. 

When Gianna comes home and sees the ruined dress, she becomes upset, and the boys laugh, saying she didn’t deserve to go to the dance. 

The parents are horrified and disappointed with their son’s behavior, and they decide to punish him by not allowing him to go to his 7th grade dance. 

Some family members backlash their decision, who argue Ryker is just a kid trying to cope with his anger.

Did They Do the Right Thing?

The parents are left feeling conflicted and unsure if they made the right decision. 

It’s the Wrong Response

One user was puzzled, saying, “I don’t understand how destroying a dress is coming with a bigger punishment than getting in trouble for racism… twice. What he did was wrong, but the fact that your daughter is still getting to go to her dance and out with friends also seems like the wrong response.”

Another said, “His punishment seems more severe than hers, given that she is a repeat offender and reacts to racism in his own home. Why is she still allowed to go to her dance given her behavior?”

What do you think? Was the punishment too harsh for Ryker, or does an eye for an eye make the whole world blind? What would you do?

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