The Penny Pinchers Were So Tight, They Ruined Their Own Tropical Getaway in Spectacular Fashion

Once upon a time, OP lived in a tropical hotspot and worked as a crew member on a snorkel boat. His job was pretty all-encompassing – prepping the boat, lifeguard duties, and even tour guide tasks. The captain was also the owner and had a deep understanding of the local waters. The whole team consisted of the captain, his girlfriend handling bookings, and OP.

They Provided Snorkeling Excursions

Their company wasn’t high-end, but they weren’t bottom-rung either. They focused on providing a top-notch snorkeling experience rather than offering gourmet meals or onboard entertainment.

This meant their private charter prices undercut most competitors, attracting customers who preferred to save some bucks.

Now, to the juicy bit. A 22-member family had been pestering their office even before reaching the destination. They were aggressively bargaining for discounts and free upgrades.

Ordinarily, they charged a credit card before the charter, but this group insisted on paying cash. The office agreed, and OP was instructed to collect payment before allowing them on board.

But the Boat Looks Different!

Their 50ft boat was moored offshore. OP used a water taxi to get to the shore for check-in and payment collection. He approached the main guy handling payments, and the situation started spiraling.

The guy refused to believe that the boat he saw was the one they were supposed to board, claiming it looked different from the website’s picture.

OP tried to explain the boat was the same one, recently repainted, but the guy was adamant about inspecting it before payment.

Pay and Enjoy the Excursion, or Don’t Go – Simple

OP laid out the options clearly – pay and enjoy the excursion, or don’t go. Since they hadn’t paid, there were no strings attached.

The man decided they didn’t want to go. OP wished them a good day, hopped back onto the water taxi, and left the group standing on the shore. As he left, he noticed the man frantically trying to call the office.

Back on the boat, the captain agreed with OP’s decision. Since their schedule had cleared up, they decided to refuel the boat early.

Upon return, they learned from other locals that the family hung around for about an hour, probably expecting them to return.

The Thrift-Seekers Lost Out

A family argument ensued when it became clear that wasn’t happening. The thrift-seekers now had to hunt for another boat with space for 22, most likely costing them two to three times more.

In OP’s eyes, it was a morning well spent, even without the pay.

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