The Pope’s Paradox – He Welcomes LGBTQ+ to Church, Yet Upholds Traditional Bans

In a pivotal statement, Pope Francis recently reiterated the Catholic Church’s commitment to being inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals despite specific regulations and restrictions. Here’s the whole story.

“The Church Is Open to Everyone, Everyone, Everyone”

During his return flight from the World Youth Day Catholic festival in Lisbon, the 86-year-old addressed reporters, acknowledging that while the Church is open to all, specific rules govern its internal operations.

During the World Youth Day festival, Pope Francis boldly proclaimed, “The Church is open to everyone, everyone, everyone.”

This message sparked curiosity among reporters, given the existing bans on women becoming priests and same-sex couples denied the sacrament of marriage within the Church.

In response to these questions, the Pope said, “The Church is open to everyone, but there are laws that regulate life inside the Church.”

Pope Francis Has Sought to Bridge the Gap Between the Catholic Church and the LGBTQ+ Community

“According to the legislation, they cannot partake in (some) sacraments. This does not mean that it is closed. Each person encounters God in their own way inside the Church,” he added.

Pope Francis also underscored the role of ministers within the Church to accompany all individuals, even those who do not adhere to the institution’s rules, with patience and the compassion of a “mother.”

Throughout his ten-year papacy, Pope Francis has sought to bridge the gap between the Catholic Church and the LGBTQ+ community.

In 2013, his famous remark, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” signified a momentous step towards inclusivity.

Embrace LGBTQ+ Children as Children of God

In 2020, Pope Francis continued this trajectory by urging parents to embrace their LGBTQ+ children as children of God, encouraging unconditional love and acceptance.

Despite these proclamations, the Pope has also affirmed that under Catholic teachings, homosexuality remains categorized as a “sin.”

While he acknowledged that same-sex acts are deemed “sins” within Catholic teachings, he emphasized that criminalization is neither just nor reasonable.

“In Other Words, It’s Not Open to LGBT People. Especially if Any of the Rules Are Celibacy, Not Marrying, and Being Allowed To Adopt. Don’t Fall For It Folks.”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “In other words, it’s not open to LGBT people. Especially if any of the rules are celibacy, not marrying, and being allowed to adopt. Don’t fall for it folks.”

Another User wrote, “What he means – our membership is declining so quickly, let’s pretend we aren’t bigoted haters. What he doesn’t understand – only blinded Catholics will be fooled into thinking that’s a nice statement?”

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