The Princess’ Expectations Were Shattered! Her Chef Boyfriend Refuses To Cook Traditional Birthday Dish Due to His Faith, Sparks Reddit Uproar!

In a recent Reddit post, a person found herself facing a dilemma that stirred up conflicting emotions within her. Here’s the full story.

A Birthday Blunder?

The Original Poster, OP, Sarah, aged 24, shared that her boyfriend, Dan, happens to be a chef. On previous birthdays, he had graciously prepared special meals for her.

However, this year, circumstances had taken an unexpected turn, leaving Sarah questioning whether it was fair to ask him to continue this tradition.

In their relationship, Sarah often takes on the role of the cook when they share meals at their apartments.

When it came to birthdays, Sarah’s family had a different approach. Birthdays in her family were a big deal.

She Wanted To Celebrate the Traditional Way

Each year, her parents and three siblings gather to celebrate, creating an atmosphere filled with love, laughter, and cherished traditions.

One such tradition involves having a particular dish they have enjoyed on their birthdays since they were children. Sarah had been enjoying her dish since she was five.

This dish holds sentimental value, connecting them to fond memories and family ties.

In recent years, Sarah had asked Dan to make this special meal for her, adding an extra layer of significance to the occasion.

Her Boyfriend Can’t Cook Meat That Day for Religious Reasons

However, this year presented an unforeseen challenge.

Sarah’s birthday fell on a Friday, and as she excitedly made plans, she approached Dan to ensure he would be available to prepare the cherished dish.

To her surprise, he informed her that he couldn’t make it this year.

Confused, she asked why, and he explained that he refrains from consuming meat on Fridays due to his Christian beliefs.

He Tried To Be Accommodating

This dish contained meat, making it incompatible with his religious practices.

Caught off guard, Sarah offered compromises, suggesting alternative options to accommodate his beliefs.

But Dan remained firm in his decision, proposing alternatives such as making the dish without meat, finding another dish for him to prepare, or making the dish the next day.

None of these options sat well with Sarah, as they deviated from her established family tradition and risked disappointing her parents, who attached great importance to this annual ritual.

But She Was Having None of It!

Feeling torn and seeking guidance, she contacted her mother for advice.

After explaining the situation, the mother empathized with her dilemma. She shared her belief that Dan should simply make the cherished dish.

Encouraged by her family’s support, she was convinced that Dan would eventually come around and fulfill her birthday wish.

However, as the days went by, Dan remained steadfast in his refusal to prepare the dish.

“But You’re Too Selfish or Thoughtless To Do So”

Sarah felt terrible about the situation and took to Reddit to ask whether she was being wrong.

More than seven hundred comments said that OP was wrong for what happened.

One Reddit user wrote, “There is nothing preventing you from making this complicated dish yourself or your family member that was making it when you were five can make it. Your BF doesn’t want to spend that time making it and then not get to enjoy it. You could move the party to Saturday, but you’re too selfish or thoughtless to do so.”

“Your Response Is To Cry About It and Get Your Family to Gang Up on Him?”

Another Redditor pointed out that he gave OP a good reason why he couldn’t do it on Friday, and he gave other options, but they weren’t good enough, and that’s on her.

A third Reddit user commented, “YTA. He always makes the dish, but he can’t do that specific dish this year due to his religious views. So, instead of respecting him as an individual for his religious views, your response is to cry about it and get your family to gang up on him?”

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