The Sister Showdown! Her Pampered Sister Finally Gets Put In Her Place. Is This the End of the Road for the Pampered Princess?

A fed-up woman took to Reddit recently to ask for opinions after she finally put her pampered sister in her place. Everyone wants to know if mommy and daddy will pick up the pieces. Here is the whole story.

Her Parents Have Always Babied Her Little Sister

OP is a 30-year-old woman with a 27-year-old sister. Their parents have always babied the younger sister to the point of sometimes ignoring OP’s problems.

When they were kids, OP’s parents expected her to figure out tough homework independently.

But when her sister struggled, they brought in tutors and encouraged them to do her homework for her.

College was the same story. Though OP’s parents helped pay for her first two school years, she was alone for the rest of her undergrad degree.

And Paid for Everything She Wanted To Try

And she had to pay for her master’s degree herself.

But OP’s parents paid for everything their younger daughter wanted to try.

The younger girl’s dream was to become a nurse like her mother and grandmother.

But even though OP’s parents were paying for her sister’s schooling outright, she couldn’t cut it and flunked out.

She Doesn’t Harbor Any Hard Feelings

OP doesn’t harbor any hard feelings about pulling herself up by her bootstraps because she thinks it made her strong and independent. And it gave her the confidence to achieve her goals in life.

Meanwhile, OP’s sister struggles, probably because she knows mommy and daddy will be there to pick up the pieces.

After she dropped out of college, for example, OP’s sister started a bath and candle shop with money her parents gave her.

The place went bankrupt within a year, and she returned home to be with her folks.

Her Little Sister’s Friends Are Moving on Without Her

Now, OP’s sister is partying and hanging out with friends instead of doing anything productive with her life.

And she often gets moody because her old pals are moving on with their lives and don’t have much time for her.

Meanwhile, OP has a family and works as a creative writing tutor for a side hustle. Her students are bright and creative, and OP likes helping them with their stories.

Recently, at a party celebrating her son’s second birthday, OP talked to her aunt and uncle about her tutoring students. They seemed interested in her work, and the conversation was pleasant.

“You Haven’t Done Anything in Life”

At least it was pleasant until OP’s sister decided to join in.

The younger woman started asking OP questions about her creative writing students and how she was helping them. The conversation still felt casual, but then her sister got a dig in.

Referring to how she was helping other writers, the sister commented that OP had to tutor because she couldn’t make it big as a writer on her own.

That stung OP, and she lashed back. She reminded her sister that she hadn’t done anything in life without their parents holding her hand.

“You Can Dish It Out but Can’t Take It”

OP said that if her sister ever managed to do anything alone, then maybe she could criticize OP’s work.

OP’s sister could dish it out but couldn’t take it. The younger woman got offended and started arguing with OP. It turned into a big scene, and OP’s family was embarrassed and divided.

Her parents think OP was mean and landed a low blow on her sister, but her husband and his family think the sister got what she deserved.

For her part, OP admits that she reacted harshly in the moment, but she only spoke the truth. Now she’s worried about her relationship with her parents and sister moving forward.

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