‘The Tarnished Brand of Biden’ – What Is the Once Influential ‘Family Name’ Now Worth?

Recently, the Biden family has found itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. What was once a sense of invincibility for the Biden clan has been shattered as investigations and legal troubles mount. 

Over $20 Million from 23 Countries

Newly released evidence from the House Committee on Ways and Means has brought to light a staggering sum of over $20 million flowing into the coffers of at least nine Biden family members from 23 different countries on four continents. 

This revelation paints a picture of international influence peddling on an unprecedented scale. President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been thrust into the limelight with federal charges looming over him. 

These charges encompass gun violations under a law that his father himself has praised. Additionally, Hunter faces potential tax-related charges, further darkening the cloud of controversy surrounding the Biden family.

James Biden’s Subpoena

James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, and his nephew have recently been subpoenaed in connection with millions of dollars sent by foreign figures, which has raised questions about their role in an influence-peddling operation that spans borders. 

President Joe Biden himself is now under investigation for possible impeachment. 

At least four articles of impeachment are being considered, adding to the mounting pressure on the Biden family.

A Media Shift in Perspective

The once seemingly impenetrable shield protecting the Bidens in the media is starting to crack. 

Journalists who have long defended them are now acknowledging the corrupt influence peddling that has tainted their family name. 

Joe Biden’s public image has long been characterized by his empathy and desire to do good. 

However, recent revelations challenge this narrative, exposing the Bidens’ involvement in questionable activities that paint a different picture.

Intent and Motive in Legal Actions

Many investigations surrounding the Biden family revolve around questions of intent. 

Motives for their actions, including the president himself, are coming under scrutiny, often revealing a pattern of self-interest. 

Hunter Biden’s digital footprint includes a trail of emails and texts in which he sought millions in exchange for access to his father. 

These messages demonstrate his willingness to leverage his father’s power for personal gain.

 Hunter Biden’s extravagant lifestyle, characterized by excessive spending on drugs, prostitutes, and luxurious living, is an extreme contrast to his public persona.

James Biden’s Influence Peddling

James Biden’s long history of alleged influence peddling revolves around capitalizing on his access to his brother, Joe. His actions add to the family’s tarnished reputation.

 Frank Biden, another member of the clan, finds himself in dire financial straits due to a reckless lifestyle and lack of marketable skills.

 His involvement in the family’s influence-peddling endeavors is evident. 

Frank Biden’s legal troubles date back to a car crash in 1999, in which he was accused of responsibility for a man’s death. He faced further allegations of evading responsibility in lawsuits, which took years to resolve.

The Bidens’ Pattern of Evasion

The Biden family shares a pattern of legal and financial evasion, further highlighting their involvement in questionable activities.

 It underscores their insatiable thirst for wealth and their reliance on government service for personal gain.

 The Bidens had one family business, and it wasn’t selling furniture or groceries. They specialized in influence peddling, with Joe Biden himself as their “brand.” 

As investigations and prosecutions continue, the public may come to view the Bidens through a different lens, one that emphasizes avarice over empathy. 

Hunter said it best himself when, in 2011, while his father was Vice President, he told Chinese investors about his value, saying it “has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my last name.”

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