The Texas Drag Ban Sparks Outrage: Drag Artists, LGBTQ+ and ACLU Fight Back Against Shocking Censorship Law That Violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments

The ACLU of Texas is suing to challenge Senate Bill 12, which seeks to ban drag performances in public venues, arguing that it violates rights and stifles artistic expression.

The Bill To Prohibit Drag Performances

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Texas has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit against the Texas Attorney General and other defendants to halt the enforcement of Senate Bill 12, scheduled to come into effect on September 1.

This bill seeks to prohibit drag performances in most public venues, a move that the ACLU contends violates both the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

The implications extend beyond the world of entertainment, posing a threat to individuals’ artistic freedom and livelihoods.

The bill, if implemented, could impose criminal penalties, including potential jail time, and target performances perceived as “sexual” in nature.

Censoring Artistic Expressions and Freedom of Speech

According to the ACLU, Senate Bill 12 has the potential to impact a broad spectrum of constitutionally safeguarded performances. These could range from professional cheerleading routines to touring Broadway plays and events like karaoke nights and drag shows.

The organization’s stance is that the bill’s wording opens the door to censorship of artistic expressions and freedom of speech, vital components of a democratic society.

The plaintiffs represented in this lawsuit include prominent names within the LGBTQ+ community, such as The Woodlands Pride and Abilene Pride Alliance.

These nonprofit organizations are known for their commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

And a Significant Infringement on Individual Rights

Additionally, drag artist Brigitte Bandit and drag production and entertainment companies that have already suffered the ban’s consequences have joined the legal action as plaintiffs.

The ACLU of Texas argues that Senate Bill 12 has implications beyond limiting artistic performances. This lawsuit responds to what the organization deems a significant infringement on individual rights.

ACLU attorney Brian Klosterboer states, “The Texas Drag Ban is stunningly broad in scope and will chill entire genres of free expression in our state.” The lawsuit addresses the broader context of this legislation and its potential impact on civil liberties.

The drag artist Brigitte Bandit emphasizes the community’s united front against the ban, stating, “We must reject their attempts to divide us and continue to come together in our truth and power to support each other as Texans should.”

The Importance of Safeguarding Individual Rights

Bandit also raises concerns about the misuse of political attention, urging state leaders to focus on pressing issues rather than indulging in what she considers to be political distractions.

The legal action against Senate Bill 12 underscores the ongoing debate surrounding artistic freedom, the right to free expression, and the role of legislation in regulating public performances.

As the ACLU of Texas takes the lead in this lawsuit, it emphasizes the importance of preserving the foundational principles of democracy and safeguarding individual rights within the state.

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