The Window Wars! Tiktoker Goldie Defends His Shade From Stealthy Seatmate’s Sneaky Fingers – She Wanted HIS View!

One TikTok user closed the shade of his window on a flight, only to be stunned by a woman in the seat behind sneakily trying to open the shade without his permission. In response, he pushed the hand out of the way and gently slapped it in the process, the internet flooded him with support.

“I Almost Got Arrested!”

Eric Goldie is a TikToker who loves sharing his travel adventures, but this strange incident has got everyone talking.

The text in the video read: “I put my shade down on a 6 am flight this year, and the women behind me kept reaching through the seat to pull it up. I almost got arrested!”

He decided to capture the bizarre incident in his own video.

In the short clip, a sneaky hand comes from behind Goldie’s seat, messing with the window shade.

He Couldn’t Believe the Woman’s Audacity

But let’s give it up for Goldie because he didn’t tolerate this nonsense. He swiftly slapped the hand away, expressing his frustration.

But it didn’t happen just once; it happened multiple times; we can’t believe the woman’s audacity!

The comments section was flooded with support for Goldie.

One traveler shared a shocking story, “I’m not proud of this moment, but this has happened to me before. I had to sneeze, and I let it rip all over her hand. It worked.”

“I Want To See the View… Use Your Own??”

Another user related to the incident as they shared a story, “I was on a flight, and someone reached up to my window and kept opening it… I kept shutting it, and she said, “I want to see the view… use your own??”

Goldie’s followers were definitely on his side, but a debate kicked in on who owns the window seat, “I get so confused when the window is 50/50 between seats. Who owns it.”

This user boldly stated, “The window (and its shade) belongs to the person who paid for the window seat.”

The encouraging words just kept coming. “Well done, standing up for yourself. People need to learn about personal space!” one follower declared.

Can you believe the audacity of some people? Share your own flight horror stories in the comments below!

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