Their Marriage Is on the Brink of Collapse Because He Wants to Start a Family and the Pressure Is Mounting – What Should They Do?

A couple in their 30s are experiencing conflict, as the husband has become obsessed with starting a family, while the wife is unsure, leading to frequent fighting and a need for resolution.

Starting a Family

The 33-year-old woman and 38-year-old man, who have been married for three years, initially were uncertain about starting a family due to fertility issues. 

However, after the woman had a pregnancy scare one year into their marriage, the husband became increasingly eager to have children. 

Although they agreed to stop actively preventing pregnancy, the woman did not want to pursue fertility treatments.

Over the past year, the husband has become fixated on the idea of having children and feels unfulfilled without them.

Life Is Meaningless Without Them

He says life is “meaningless” without them, and “nothing matters in life except having a child and raising it into a good human.”

Meanwhile, the wife has remained firm in her decision and only agreed to try for a child with certain conditions, like cleaning up more and helping out around the house. 

They planned to start trying at the beginning of the new year, after the wife had the opportunity to advance her career.

The husband, however, is anxious about the timeline and wants to devote all their time and effort to conceiving. This added pressure is making her stressed about it.

She’s Losing Interest

He has even cancelled enjoyable events and plans to devote more time to starting a family, causing the wife to feel nauseous and lose interest in the whole process. 

The couple regularly argued about the issue, with the husband accusing the wife of selfishness for not wanting to start trying sooner. He has even made hurtful comments about her career goals.

The wife has suggested seeking couple’s therapy to address their conflicts, but the husband sees it as an attempt to pressure her into starting a family earlier, rather than him trying to manage his baby fever. 

The couple is looking for a way to alleviate the husband’s anxiety and transform their path to parenthood into a joyful one, instead of a stressful and argumentative one. They asked Redditors for help and advice on what to do. 

Bizarre, Selfish, and Controlling

One user said, “Your husband has gone off the deep end. His actions are bizarre, selfish, and controlling – and it’s unacceptable. Your husband is not capable of or interested in being a good partner to you, period.”

Another wrote, “The way he’s pressuring you and pushing past your set boundaries is already a scary red flag, but he’s also making it clear he’s not going to do the work when things are harder.”

What do you think? Is it normal to pressure your partner to start a family when you’re in your late 30’s, or is this taking it too far? What would you advise her to do?

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