Their ‘Mean Girl’ Racist Videos Led to Hate, Backlash and Condemnation Across the World

In a series of incidents captured on TikTok, the actions of five women have triggered a fierce online response, as their racist and bullying behavior was exposed for the world to see. 

Their Racist Slurs Led to Hate and Condemnation

The repercussions of their actions went beyond public backlash, with their personal information, including identities, social media accounts, workplaces, and schools, being tracked down and shared online, leading to direct hate and condemnation.

One of the incidents involved three Italian university students who were filmed mocking and laughing at an Asian American family on a train.

The incident was witnessed by TikTok user Mahnoor Euceph, who was on vacation in Italy with her multicultural family. 

She documented the encounter, expressing her shock and disappointment at the blatant racism displayed by the young women.

The Video Was Watched Almost 20 Million Times!

Her video quickly gained traction, amassing over 19.6 million views, and prompted others to share their own experiences of racism in Italy and Europe.

The online community rallied behind the victims, with many expressing their sadness and disgust at the students’ behavior.

Calls to expose the identities of the women intensified, and within a matter of days, their TikTok and Instagram accounts, as well as their universities, were revealed to the public. 

The universities, including IULM University, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and The University of Milano-Bicocca, released statements condemning the actions of their students, reaffirming their commitment to respect, inclusion, and the rejection of racism and discrimination. 

Backlash About Her Insincere Apology

While some demanded the expulsion of the students, IULM University opted for an educational approach, stating that their goal is to educate rather than punish.

In response to the backlash, one of the students, Margherita Gentile, reached out to Mahnoor Euceph to apologize, claiming that she had no intention of making fun of her ethnicity or nationality.

Euceph found the apology insincere, accusing Gentile of manipulation and gaslighting. 

The incident sparked a broader discussion about accountability, with many viewers questioning the authenticity of the apology and suggesting that the students were only sorry for being exposed.

The Behavior Was Deplorable and Bullying

In a separate incident caught on camera, two women were seen mocking an influencer, “jackielabonita,” while she was taking selfies during a baseball game.

The video, which got over 46 million views, showed the women laughing, gesturing, and even making offensive gestures towards the influencer. 

The incident received widespread criticism, with online users condemning the behavior as deplorable and bullying.

The video’s circulation on various platforms, including Twitter, led to further scrutiny, and some users took it upon themselves to uncover the identities of the women, sharing their personal information online.

Were They Gaslighted?

In response to the public backlash, the two women, Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullet, released a video defending themselves. 

They claimed they felt uncomfortable during the filming, as they believed the influencer’s husband was pointing the camera at them for an extended period.

The women also disclosed they had received death threats following the incident. Their explanation was met with skepticism, as many accused them of gaslighting and questioned the veracity of their claims.

The Power and Consequences of Online Racism

As the controversy continues to unfold, the impact of these viral videos is a stark reminder of the power and consequences of online exposure.

The incidents have sparked crucial discussions surrounding racism, bullying, accountability, and the responsibility of individuals in the digital age.

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