They Called Her a Fat Kardashian, so She Boldly Got Her Revenge and Some Respect

Jade has been in the service industry for quite some time, wearing multiple hats as a server and bartender. Throughout her career, she has developed a thick skin, allowing most attitudes and patronizing behavior to roll off her like water off a duck’s back. But last night, something happened that pushed her to her limit. Brace yourselves for the full account of this extraordinary event!

They Had Resorted to Nasty Name Calling

It all started with a three-top at Jade’s table.

There was a mother, her teenage daughter, and another teenage boy. With her usual friendly demeanor, Jade greeted them and promptly took their drink orders.

As she made her way to the bar to prepare their beverages, little did she know that the entire trio had some ill intentions up their sleeves.

While Jade was away, attending to their drinks, her colleagues approached her, confessing that as soon as she had walked away from the table, the family had resorted to name-calling.

They Dubbed Her a Fat Kardashian

They had dubbed her a “fat Kardashian” and even had the audacity to mock her voice! Normally, Jade would have let such remarks slide, but this time, something inside her snapped, and she saw red.

Filled with a mix of frustration and determination, Jade headed back to their table, ready to confront the disrespectful trio.

She calmly asked if they would prefer another server and inquired if she had unknowingly done something to offend them since they were being mean about her behind her back.

Their response? Nothing but blank stares and gaping mouths as if she had caught them red-handed.

But She Denied the Accusations

After what seemed like an eternity, the mother stuttered and began denying the accusations, claiming that she would never utter such words.

Refusing to back down, Jade assured them that the people who had brought this matter to her attention were trustworthy and had no reason to make up such lies – a fabricated story would only land them in trouble.

In a defensive tone, the mother retaliated, hurling insults at the informants, branding them “snakes” and “liars.” She even warned Jade to watch her back.

Unfazed, Jade stood her ground and suggested she find another server to accommodate them.

Her Colleagues Rallied Around Her

However, her attempt proved futile as her colleagues, having caught wind of the incident, rallied behind her, refusing to serve the disrespectful trio.

Left with no other options, they sat at the table, waiting for a resolution, for a grueling twenty minutes.

Finally, the mother demanded to speak with the manager, little knowing that she was about to face Jade herself. Meeting her gaze, Jade calmly inquired about their service, only to deliver a surprising verdict.

She informed the disgruntled mother that, at this point, they were being refused service, and it would be in their best interest to leave.

Resulting in an Uproar!

This news incited an uproar from both the mother and her daughter, who protested the decision, claiming it was utterly ridiculous and insisting they were only there to enjoy a meal.

Undeterred, Jade reiterated her request for them to depart. Unwilling to back down, the mother demanded to know the owner’s name, thinking it would intimidate Jade.

However, Jade rose to the occasion. She confidently offered an even better solution – she would call the owner right then and there. There was a foolproof way to settle the matter once and for all.

Pointing to the security camera strategically positioned above the irate woman’s head, Jade revealed that the restaurant had both audio and video recordings. By reviewing the footage, they could easily uncover the truth.

As the Tables Were Nicely Turned

If, by any chance, Jade had messed up in her judgment, she assured the mother that she would willingly accept any consequences and personally cover the cost of their meal.

However, she stood firm in her belief in the host’s honesty and refused to serve someone who had been so rude about her appearance.

Realizing that the tables had turned, the trio hastily gathered their belongings. They chose to exit rather than face the potential consequences of their actions – if that’s not clear proof of their guilt, what is? 

And the best part? There was no audio on the CCTV. She’d poker-faced the family and had come out on top!

She Refused to Be Dogged Anymore

Jade breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she had stood up for herself and her colleagues, refusing to be dogged by those who think themselves better than her simply because she was providing a service.

Reflecting on the entire ordeal, Jade can’t help but feel a twinge of anxiety, wondering if the disgruntled customer will take to the internet and twist the story to suit her narrative.

However, she’s no longer going to tolerate mistreatment from others. Her experience with the trio has sparked a newfound determination to demand respect and stand her ground.

She Hoped They Learned a Valuable Lesson

Jade hopes the mother and her companions will learn a valuable lesson from their encounter.

If they were comfortable treating a stranger who was only trying to provide excellent service with such cruelty, then perhaps it was time for them to reevaluate their own behavior. 

Jade declared that the era of bowing down was over, paving the way for a new chapter of empowerment, respect, and equality in the service industry.

Have you ever had to stand up for yourself or refuse service to someone? How did you handle it?

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