They Collectively Uncovered His Constant One-Upmanship and He Didn’t like It at All!

Today’s story of rude coworkers comes to us from Reddit, and it’s a doozy! Let’s rewind the clock by more than five year, as Laurie recalls her time working in an office alongside a coworker known as Gavin, who had a knack for always outdoing others. 

He Strived One-Upmanship – Good or Bad

If someone had good news, Gavin had even better news. If someone had a lousy weekend, his was undoubtedly worse.

Laurie remembers a specific incident when a distraught coworker shared that her mother had recently been diagnosed with malignant breast cancer.

Little did they know, Gavin was eavesdropping and seized the opportunity to proclaim that his father had been diagnosed with penile cancer and suffered a heart attack on the same day!

If looks could kill, Laurie is certain that Gavin would have melted through the floor. Outraged, a group of coworkers decided to take the matter to HR.

He Was Very (Self) Important

Unfortunately, the response from HR was disheartening, with claims that Gavin’s importance in the company outweighed any proof of his false claims.

It was a disappointing outcome, leaving everyone drained from dealing with Gavin’s constant exaggerations.

Approximately five months later, on a typical Monday morning, Laurie and her coworkers were casually discussing their weekends.

Laurie mentioned in passing that her nephew had achieved great success in a recent wrestling tournament, securing a state-level victory in both his grade and weight class.

His Nephew Had Won Numerous Wrestling Matches

To her surprise, Gavin happened to overhear the conversation and swooped in, claiming that his nephew had won plenty of wrestling medals and insinuating that Laurie’s nephew couldn’t possibly match his own relative’s prowess.

Gavin insisted on knowing Laurie’s nephew’s name, eager to look up his ranking.

Caught off guard, Laurie shared the name before she could warn her other coworkers about Gavin’s competitive nature.

Little did Gavin know that Laurie’s nephew had been nationally ranked since the age of six, excelling in both his grade and weight class.

But Her Nephew Was Better

Moreover, he had recently received an invitation to join a prestigious international wrestling club that had produced several Olympians.

While winning the state tournament was a prerequisite for acceptance into the program, it was widely acknowledged that Laurie’s nephew would easily meet the criteria.

To Laurie’s surprise, Gavin swiftly pulled up the wrestling statistics of her nephew on the office computer.

Within minutes, he closed the window and attempted to change the subject, clearly feeling uneasy.

They Were Determined to Expose His Claims!

However, a small crowd had gathered by this point, and Laurie, determined to expose Gavin’s false claims, took matters into her own hands. 

With a quick press of Ctrl, Shift, and T, she promptly reopened the window displaying her nephew’s impressive stats.

Although Laurie wasn’t well-versed in wrestling statistics, others in the crowd were astounded by the numbers. It appeared that Laurie’s nephew’s talent was recognized by wrestling enthusiasts.

At this point, people began inquiring about Gavin’s nephew and his wrestling achievements. Gavin found himself floundering, desperately trying to backtrack, but no one was willing to let him off the hook.

And They Found No Trace of Him… Anywhere

They searched for his nephew’s name but found no matches in the appropriate age range. Gavin resorted to claiming that it was his nephew on the other side of his family.

He had previously boasted about being related to the governor, so determined to uncover the truth, they conducted a search using the governor’s name, yet still, no results aligned with Gavin’s claims!

In a last-ditch effort, Gavin yelled out that his nephew was in second grade, implying that the information wouldn’t be available online.

However, Laurie pointed out that her nephew’s stats had been accessible online since first grade, exposing Gavin’s excuse as baseless.

In a Tantrum, He Stormed Away

The crowd proceeded to present examples of wrestlers from different states, clubs, leagues, and even genders, leaving Gavin red-faced and infuriated.

In a fit of frustration, he stormed away, shouting something about harassment and threatening to involve HR!

True to his word, HR did reach out to address the situation. However, Laurie and her coworkers promptly pointed out the blatant hypocrisy, highlighting the numerous complaints that had been filed against Gavin in the past.

In response, an email emphasizing the importance of unity, teamwork, and respect in the workplace was circulated. Unfortunately, the message fell on deaf ears as it was conveniently ignored by everyone.

He Never Learned

Laurie remained in the office for approximately ten more months before deciding to move on.

Throughout that time, Gavin persistently attempted to insert himself into conversations and outshine others, but his efforts were met with a simple question from anyone wanting to bring him down a notch.

But They Knew How to Rebuff His One-Upmanship

“So, how did your nephew do in wrestling this weekend?” That alone was enough to silence Gavin and put an end to his constant one-upmanship!

In the end, Laurie found a way to even the score and give Gavin a taste of his own medicine. It was a satisfying outcome to some very frustrating colleague behavior!

Have you ever had to deal with a coworker like Gavin? How did you handle it?

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