“They Eat Their Young”: Trump’s Cryptic Critique of Republican “Losers” and “RINOS” Baffles Many

Donald Trump has made strange claims to his supporters in a new video posted to Truth Social, including the statement that GOP members “eat their young.” Here’s the story. 

A Strange Video

In a video posted on his social media platform Truth Social, the former President and Republican frontrunner made bizarre claims that GOP members “eat their young.”

This statement came directly after Trump chewed out three of his major critics within the Republican party, including Bill Barr, Sen. Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan. 

The pre-taped video was posted to Truth Social and addressed Trump’s followers, while the seemingly disoriented former President warned listeners against supporting his critics and the wider GOP from working with them.

RINOs and “Losers”

The strange video was a response to Romney and Paul announcing a two-day summit in Park City, Utah, for ‘non-indicted’ Republican candidates.

 Their modus operandi was to find an alternative GOP nomination for next year’s presidential election. 

In this video, Trump called Romney, Paul, and Barr “losers” and “RINOs,” which means ‘Republicans In Name Only.’ The grizzly warning came next as he attacked GOP members who worked with the aforementioned trio.

They Eat Their Own

“Remember, Republicans eat their young,” he claimed. “They really do, they eat their young. Terrible statement. But it’s true.” 

The rambling nature of the video led viewers to believe he had simply misread the teleprompter behind the camera. 

They posited that Trump had really meant to say that Republicans “Eat their own,” but this is contradicted by a recent post made by Trump on Truth Social, shared on his page a week earlier. 

“Remember, Republicans’ Eat Their Young’,” his post reads, right after stating that “If [Romney] and RINO Paul fought as hard against Obama as they do against President Donald J. Trump, they would never have lost.” 

Misguided Intentions

The long-winded video seems to be ripped straight from this earlier post, including the gruesome metaphorical claim that reappeared in his video verbatim. 

The post continued to attack the Republican Party, implying that Republicans misdirected energy toward their own party.

“That’s the problem with so many in our Party, they go after the people who are on their side,” it read. “Rather than the Radical Left Democrats that are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.”

This statement is just one of a number of strange incidents involving Trump in recent months. 

Hannibal Lecter Loves Me

Just last month, he referred to Barack Obama as the acting President and accused President Biden of bringing the world to the brink of… World War II. 

In another confusing incident at a rally in Iowa, he asked the crowd, “Hannibal Lecter, how great an actor was he? He said on Television…’ I love Donald Trump.'” 

He had confused the actor Mads Mikkelsen with his NBC TV role as Hannibal Lecter after he referred to him as “a fresh wind for some people” back in 2016.

A significant number of Republican representatives will appear at Romney and Paul’s summit next week, including former VP Mike Pence, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley. 

Trouble for Trump

These politicians and many others who are attending the summit have publically spoken against Trump’s Republican campaign. 

So, it’s not surprising that the former President has lashed out at the upcoming forum in Utah.

Despite Trump dominating Republican polling, summit maestro Spencer Zwick has told new website Axios that many of the attendees simply “don’t just accept that Donald Trump is the nominee.” 

Whether that is a realistic stance to take, only time will tell.

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