They Formed a Union, Went on Strike and Shut Down the Company Until They Got the Pay Rise They Wanted

Getting what you ask for from your workplace is often challenging. Most of the time, companies do not care much about what it is you want. Instead, they will do the bare minimum to keep you happy. 

Striking to Get What They Want

However, there are some companies that value their workforce and listen to them and how they can make them happy. 

Sometimes, employees need to go on strike to get what they want, even if their company and its owners are kind people.

This workforce managed to get exactly what they demanded by pursuing a strike, which quickly led to the owners committing to signing new terms and conditions, which were in favor of the employees.

TikToker Lana @lanadelphox shares in this video how her team went on strike and got exactly what they demanded, which is often unheard of. 

Her Team Unionized the Company

Lana states that she is surprised how invested people are in her workplace drama and the interest has led her to share this story about when she and her team went on strike.

She shortens the story to make it appropriate to listen to in a video and in short, Lana says the team unionized the company.

Lana shares that the old owner of the company got in touch with the new owner and agreed to settle on various positive terms and conditions, which would please the employees. 

The team decided to strike for two and a half days, whereby the workplace had to close as nobody was there to work.

And Got Exactly What They Asked For

This event encouraged the owners to agree to offer the team what they wanted so they could reopen their business and not put it at risk. 

It seems like a clever idea to encourage the entire workforce to strike together so that a company has to say yes to what the employees want. Otherwise, the business cannot reopen unless they hire more staff. 

These terms and conditions consisted of things such as pay rises, autonomy, and no more micromanagement.

Lana shares her opinion that the managers have “no idea what they are doing”. Hence, she and the rest of the team are glad that they will no longer be treated unfairly by the people above them.

But It’s Only Temporary

Once the owners agreed to meet the employee’s demands, they are now willing to work with them again.

These terms and conditions were agreed to quickly so that the employees knew they would be treated the way they wanted to be as soon as they returned to work. 

Unfortunately, Lana shares in the comments of the video that the solution is only temporary until she finds another job.

She isn’t willing to leave because the pay is what she wanted. Yet, other terms might not be up to Lana’s standards. Hence, she will be looking for another job in the meantime. 

Happy About the Positive Ending

Other comments suggest that they are glad to hear Lana got a happy result for what she was insisting from her company.

It seems the viewers have been waiting for positive news from Lana as there are many comments to suggest they are happy about her positive ending. 

It looks like a future of strikes, it seems that as long as the entire workforce agrees to strike and put the business at risk, the company will do what the employees ask for.

In the workforce, the community is the answer, especially for Lana’s company.

Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve

Although the owners would not meet their demands before the strike, it proves that striking and standing up for what you believe in will get you what you want.

Pursuing a strike and shutting down the business for a few days might seem like a strong stance to get a pay rise. 

However, it is sometimes necessary if you wish to be paid for the expertise and time that you offer the business. Nobody should be willing to settle for less if a simple strike can fix the issue. 

Have you ever been on strike and got what you demanded? If not, would you be willing to strike again or take further action so you are treated fairly? Let us know your strike stories and opinions on Lana’s efforts below.

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