They Freeze-Dried Their Beloved Pet Cat So That They Could Be Together Forever. It’s Sparked a Furry Debate.

A cat owner from Portland, Oregon, has gained viral attention after choosing to freeze-dry their deceased cat, Loki, as a means of staying connected, sparking both controversy and admiration.

Emotionally Frozen in Time

Soren High, a 35-year-old fashion designer from Portland, Oregon, has raised eyebrows and garnered viral attention after making the unorthodox decision to freeze-dry their deceased cat, Loki, as a means to remain “together forever.” 

Loki tragically passed away in February at the age of 16, resulting in a deeply traumatizing experience for Soren.

Freeze-drying, a process similar to taxidermy, involves subjecting the body to extremely cold temperatures in a vacuum to remove all moisture and preserve the animal’s appearance.

In Soren’s case, it meant keeping Loki’s freeze-dried body on their bedside table, with eventual plans to display the feline on a shelf in the living room. 

Cleaning Glass Eyes

Soren, who prefers they/them pronouns, expressed a profound connection with Loki from the moment they brought the cat home, leading to an immediate desire to preserve their bond indefinitely.

Upon sending Loki’s body to a freeze-drying service in Ohio, Soren received the cat back, accompanied by flowers and ice packs.

They documented the process of caring for Loki’s preserved form on TikTok, sharing videos that showcased activities like cleaning the glass eyes and maintaining the fur. 

The “unboxing” video of Loki’s freeze-dried body gained significant attention, amassing 4.8 million views on TikTok.

The Frozen Cat Provided a Sense of Wholeness

Soren described the initial impact of seeing the preserved cat, admitting it initially broke them emotionally, but the sight of Loki’s perfect and complete form provided a sense of wholeness once more.

The tragic incident leading to Loki’s demise occurred while Soren was out walking their dog, Peter.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Peter lunged for a rabbit but ended up attacking Loki, who was peacefully sitting outside. 

The injuries sustained by Loki proved fatal, prompting Soren to opt for freeze-drying after experiencing a transformative psychedelic experience where they felt Loki was endorsing preservation.

Demonic Torture

Soren explained, “She told me to just love her, and this was what I felt like loving her was.”

The freeze-drying procedure carried a hefty price tag of $3,000, prompting Soren to seek donations from their followers to cover the costs.

Remarkably, they managed to raise $4,300, with the excess amount being donated to two animal rescue organizations.

While some individuals find Soren’s decision to freeze-dry their cat peculiar and even repulsive, likening it to “demonic torture,” there are others who expressed a desire to have taken a similar course of action. 

“But Everyone Thought It Was Weird.”

“That’s so awesome, cremates the remains they didn’t use in the taxidermy process and plastinated her heart, the respect and care they did,” one user said. 

“Nope I could never,” another wrote.

“I wanna do this with my yorkie when he dies, I always wanted to. But everyone thought it was weird. however, I still want to,” someone added. 

Soren chose to share their story to highlight freeze-drying as a viable option for those navigating the complexities of grief.

Would You Preserve Your Cherished Companions?

They believe that grief is a deeply personal and individual experience, acknowledging that everyone copes with it in their own unique way. 

By shedding light on their choice, Soren aims to provide solace to others who may find comfort in alternative methods of preserving their cherished companions.

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