They Meanly Stole His Seat So He Got Revenge the Good Ole Catholic School Girl Way

Let’s take a look at the tale of Dwayne and his story that takes us on a mini-bus journey filled with cramped seats and a couple who failed to abide by the unspoken rules of seating arrangements. Get ready for some knee-jamming revenge action!

A Seemingly Pleasant Rural Holiday

Our story begins when Dwayne and his wife decide to embark on a week-long holiday in a quaint country town and rural area.

Looking for some gastronomic adventure, they eagerly signed up for a progressive dinner hosted by local farmers and food enthusiasts.

Now, for those unfamiliar with the concept, a progressive dinner involves enjoying starters at one location, followed by the main course at another, and finally indulging in dessert at the last spot.

It sounded like a delightful culinary experience, albeit a bit pricey at $85AUD per person.

He Was 6’6” and Needed Ample Legroom

On the night of the dinner, a mini-shuttle bus awaited the 20 guests, ensuring a hassle-free journey from one destination to another.

Being a towering figure at nearly 6’6″ in his shoes, Dwayne had a preference for securing seats with ample legroom.

He arrived early at the meeting point and strategically positioned himself at the front of the bus, ready to claim those coveted spacious seats.

As the other guests started to board, Dwayne courteously twisted to the side, allowing them to pass without any tripping hazards.

No One Else Needed Special Seating Arrangements

It’s worth noting that there were no individuals with mobility issues requiring special seating arrangements. Dwayne had previously accommodated such needs, but today, it was a different story.

The bus set off, whisking the group to the first location where delectable starters and refreshing drinks awaited.

When it was time to move on to the next spot, Dwayne, ever the considerate gentleman, hung back to let others board first.

Little did he know that an obnoxious couple, who we’ll call Antony and Cleopatra (AC), would take advantage of his polite gesture.

His Seats Were Brazenly Pinched by a Short Couple

Returning to the bus, Dwayne discovered that AC had brazenly occupied the seats he and his wife had initially claimed.

His wife, seated directly behind AC, stared intently at the back of their heads, her eyes shooting daggers. It was an unwritten rule among the guests that you stick to your original seat throughout the evening.

This wasn’t Dwayne’s first mini-bus tour during the holiday, and so far, everyone had respected this unwritten arrangement.

Determined to exact his petty revenge, Dwayne decided to take matters into his own knees! Normally, he would spread his legs widely to cope with the cramped seats, inconveniencing his wife and encroaching on the aisle.

The Posture Revenge of a Catholic Schoolgirl

But not this time.

No, this time, he adopted the posture of a proper Catholic schoolgirl – knees firmly pressed together, causing maximum discomfort to the seats in front of him and the back of the (short) guy who had stolen the only seat with legroom.

With a mischievous grin, Dwayne shared his little act of revenge with his wife, who reveled in the satisfaction of the situation.

It must have been quite uncomfortable for the guy in front as he squirmed throughout the entire drive to the main course location!

He Unleashed Pettiness and Vindictiveness

The main course was a bit lackluster, but that didn’t dampen Dwayne’s spirits. As the evening progressed, his wife excused herself momentarily, leaving Dwayne to engage in conversations with fellow diners.

It was during this intermission that the call to return to the bus echoed through the venue. True to his nature, Dwayne opted to be the last to board, trying to strike a balance between pettiness and vindictiveness.

As he stepped onto the bus, he saw his wife sitting there, grinning like a Cheshire cat, triumphantly reclaiming their original seats.

She explained that she had taken it upon herself to ensure Dwayne had at least some legroom and to teach AC a lesson in seat-stealing etiquette.

The Cherry on Top!

The cherry on top was the disdainful looks on AC’s faces when they approached the bus, only to find Dwayne’s wife comfortably settled in their stolen seats!

The rest of the evening proceeded smoothly, with a satisfying dessert and a comfortable drive back home. Dwayne’s wife executed the same seat strategy for the return trip.

And so, this tale of petty revenge comes to an end, with Dwayne and his wife relishing in the sweet taste of payback.

This story serves as a reminder that even in small, seemingly insignificant situations, one can find solace in the satisfaction of asserting justice, even if it involves a subtle adjustment of one’s knees.

A Delightful Victory

As they say, sometimes it’s the little victories that bring the most delight.

So, the next time someone tries to claim what is rightfully yours, consider Dwayne’s knee-up approach. Find your own way to assert your position, ensuring that respect and fairness prevail.

Remember, it’s not about seeking revenge for revenge’s sake but rather about reclaiming a sense of balance and reminding others that their actions have consequences!

What do you think of Dwayne’s tale? Have you ever dealt with someone taking your seat in a venue? What did you do?

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