They Said Point-Blank No When Their Stepdad Asked Them To Lend Their Spoilt-Little-Rich-Kid Stepsister Money

A young woman recently stirred outrage on Reddit when she refused to help her stepsister buy a home. The audacity of her stepfather’s request was shocking! Here is the full story.

They Were Unfairly Treated by Their Stepdad

OP is a 29-year-old woman whose parents split when she was just a kid. Even before that, her dad wasn’t around much.

When OP was 10, her mother got remarried, and her new stepfather had a good job and made plenty of money.

The new couple decided that they would each pay half the household bills but that they were each responsible for the kids they brought to the marriage.

For OP and her older brother, who was 15 at the time, that meant they would continue to make due with their mom’s moderate income.

He Spoilt His Own Daughters, but Not Them

Their stepfather, meanwhile, lavished his own two daughters with plenty of luxuries and fancy experiences.

The split in child care costs extended all the way to family vacations. While OP’s mom, stepdad, and stepsisters went on expensive trips, OP and her brother stayed home because mom couldn’t afford to take them.

When OP turned 18, she moved out of the house, just as her brother did before her. These days, both of them have good jobs and are financially successful.

OP is still close to her mother, but she rarely sees her stepfather or stepsisters, who are now 30 and 31 years old.

He Asked if They Could Lend His Daughter Money for a House Down Payment

During a recent visit to see her mom, OP spent some time talking with her stepdad. That’s when he told her that his older daughter was trying to buy her first house.

The stepsister had about two-thirds of the money she needed for a down payment, but she was still looking for the rest. The stepdad asked if OP and her brother could lend the money to their stepsister.

OP managed not to laugh at the request, but she said no, she would not loan any money to her stepsister.

But the stepfather kept pushing and said that he knew both OP and her brother owned their houses and made good money. He said that they could afford to make the loan.

They Immediately Said No, Remembering Their Childhood

That’s when OP got a little more forceful, telling her stepdad it didn’t matter whether or not she could afford it. She didn’t want to loan any money to her stepsister, and she wasn’t going to do it.

Stepdad kept coming, reminding OP that she had outright given money to her cousin to help with a house purchase. He said family should help family if they were able to do so.

OP had had enough of the conversation by that point and asked her stepfather if he had helped her and her brother when they were kids.

That shut the conversation down, but OP’s mom called her out later and said she could have refused the request without being so mean about it.

They Don’t Owe Their Stepsister a THING!

She said her husband already felt guilty about the way he treated his step-kids when they were growing up.

OP told her mom that she had indeed refused politely, but that her stepdad had kept pushing. She didn’t have a choice other than to cut him off hard.

Redditors seem to fully support OP’s stance in this situation and say that she doesn’t owe anything to her stepsister.

It Was a Pretty Rich Ask, All Things Considered

Most of them think it’s pretty rich that the stepdad would even have the nerve to ask for help for his daughter.

Many commenters also call out OP’s mom, too, both for letting her husband mistreat her kids all those years and for taking his side now.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP too harsh in refusing her stepfather’s request?

Or did he just get what he had coming to him in the form of a big dose of the truth?

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