They Shot Their Sourpuss Mother-In-Law Down in Flames, to Much Approval of Their Husbands

OP and her current husband, DH, found themselves in an unconventional relationship around a dozen years ago. The pair decided on a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement, being uninterested in remarrying but still desiring companionship. Their parents, due to religious beliefs, were presented with a slightly tweaked version of this arrangement as a traditional dating relationship.

The Sour One Showed Nothing but Hostility

DH was warmly welcomed by OP’s family. His father, however, remained unsure of OP, and his stepmother, whom we’ll call the Sour One, showed outright hostility.

In her mind, she had successfully ousted the ex-wife, and a new woman sharing her son’s attention was unwelcome.

OP, by nature, is a straight-talking individual. Still, she endured far more of the Sour One’s jabs and jibes than anyone should have, not out of a desire to be the bigger person, but out of a refusal to partake in petty squabbles.

But when DH’s brother introduced a new girlfriend, an unsuspecting, gentle young woman, things took a turn.

She Relentlessly Picked On Her Daughters-In-Law

The Sour One shifted her focus from OP, who had proved a tough target, to the vulnerable new girlfriend, now Sister-in-Law.

She took pleasure in reducing this young woman to tears with her venomous tongue, always choosing her moments of attack when the men were elsewhere.

One Saturday evening at a family barbecue, the Sour One unleashed a hateful tirade against both women, criticizing their relationships with the men and claiming they weren’t loved because of a lack of marriage proposals.

While OP was focused on making plans for a romantic night with DH, she spotted the reflection of her tearful sister-in-law in the window and turned her attention to the conversation.

But They Gleefully Got Their Own Back

Caught up in the moment, OP responded to the Sour One’s claim about the men’s heart belonging to her with a frank comment about her own interest in DH’s more physical attributes.

The room was left in shock until the sister-in-law broke into laughter, morphing from tears of sadness into tears of joy.

The Sour One’s reaction was pure, outraged hysteria. She rushed to the men, wailing about the blasphemous remark she’d just heard.

Yet, instead of the support she expected, the men high-fived each other, leaving her to retreat, crying, to her bedroom.

And Earned Them Unexpected Approval From Their FIL

The incident earned OP the unexpected approval of DH’s father, who offered her a favorite beer and officially welcomed her to the family, encouraging the sister-in-law to stand up to the Sour One as well.

This memorable incident birthed a secret weapon for OP and her sister-in-law – a simple tongue gesture capable of sending the Sour One fleeing, leaving them in blessed peace.

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