They Sneakily Eaves Dropped and Watched Work Drama in Reception Unfold

When drama kicks off in the workplace, it is common for everyone to want to listen and watch. However, nobody wants to get involved. 

An Arguing Offense

Firstly, it can backfire on a co-worker if they get involved. Being fired for arguments and bad words is an instant offense.

Second, getting involved can cause more tension between the team, which will lead to unnecessary future tension. 

Therefore, the best thing co-workers can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

In this TikTok video from Stacie, @stacieelynnn, she and her co-workers are shown spying on the workplace drama yet try to stay hidden by appearing like they are trying to work where the drama is kicking off. 

Lots of Shouting

The video begins with lots of shouting in a healthcare workplace setting. The woman is wearing a face mask and wearing slacks and shouting starts happening while she is sweeping the floor in reception.

As soon as the shouting gets louder and the two other arguing co-workers get louder, the woman runs forward into the corridor to grab her other co-worker so that they can listen together.

It seems that when workplace drama happens in a public place, employees love for their other colleagues to hear it. 

After grabbing her co-worker, they both run out into reception so they can listen more clearly and understand what is happening between the two arguing colleagues.

Popcorn at the Ready!

Within seconds, the two start to stare and do not manage to take their eyes off the direction from which the argument is coming. 

They begin to both pretend to sweep the floor together, yet remain using one dustpan and brush, indicating they are prying and not in reception to clean.

The two prying co-workers are clearly not doing their job as while cleaning, they miss the dirt and remain with their eyes on the arguing co-workers.

The two women move on to perform other cleaning tasks in reception while listening to the ongoing argument. 

Spectators Cleaned the Tree

One co-worker decides to brush the tree, which is a cleaning task that would never happen if they were not pretending to clean.

The other co-worker begins to mop the walls. Again, this cleaning task would never happen unless someone is pretending to clean while remaining focused on something else that is happening. 

The arguing doesn’t stop. Instead, it gets louder and louder. Hence, Stacie and her colleague continue to perform unrealistic cleaning tasks so they can listen to what the argument is about. 

The argument seems to get more aggressive as it goes on, which shows it will continue long enough for the two cleaning co-workers to not be seen.

Would They Get Caught Watching?

If they were caught watching, maybe they could get into trouble. However, the two people arguing continue to shout without realizing the co-workers are snooping and not performing the cleaning tasks the way they should be. 

One of the women proceeds to wash her colleague’s hair with a cloth while the other is performing the correct task of wiping the door with a similar cloth.

Hence, they quite clearly are not focused on the task ahead of them and instead, wish to spend their day listening to the argument in reception. 

People in the comments of the TikTok video find this scene hilarious. Although it is unrealistic, it can be what happens when you are focused on something else while at work.

Have You Ever Eaves Dropped?

We wonder how many people have done something similar when trying to listen in on an argument or serious conversation between other colleagues. 

One comment suggests that they believe this is what would happen in reception if employees are asked to clean while an argument is happening.

Although employees should remain respectful and avoid prying or getting involved, it cannot be helped when the arguing co-workers decide to argue in public. 

Things would be different if an argument was behind closed doors. Co-workers wouldn’t be able to snoop and pretend to do other tasks while listening in. However, things are different when they are out in public for everyone to hear.

Have you ever pretended to continue working while listening in on co-workers’ conversations? If an argument breaks out in your workplace, would you chime in or sit back and listen? 

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