They Went to Karen’s Diner To Be Abused, but They Ended Up Having a Meltdown and Hurling Assaults at the Staff! Role Reversal at It’s Finest

Prepare to be stunned by the latest scandal at Karen’s Diner! A customer’s video exposing a incident of body shaming has ignited a fiery debate online, although the video mentions they get paid to be mean to customers, one TikTok user believes they went too far.

Karen’s – Infamous for Its Rudeness

Karen’s Diner, a popular restaurant chain with branches in Australia, the UK, and the US, is infamous for its intentionally rude staff, creating an interactive dining experience. 

Customers expect a dose of sarcasm and banter during their visit.

Bec Hardgrave decided to document her visit to Karen’s Diner in Brisbane. But her experience didn’t end on a positive note. 

In her video, she expressed her disappointment with the restaurant, recounting the offensive comments and rude behavior she witnessed.

They Often Make Offensive Remarks

According to Hardgrave, the staff at Karen’s Diner made offensive remarks about people’s appearances. 

They went as far as telling her friend that she needed to brush her hair, leaving her feeling hurt and disrespected. Cups were even thrown at them during their visit.

People were sharply divided in their opinions about the incident.

Some argued that customers should be aware of what to expect at Karen’s Diner and not take offense at the staff’s behavior, with this user saying, “soft, it’s the whole point of the restaurant.”

But It Was the Customer’s Turn To Be Abusive!

They believed that those who couldn’t handle the restaurant’s unique concept should simply avoid dining there.

Others strongly felt that the staff had crossed the line and were on a power trip, engaging in bullying behavior rather than adhering to the concept of Karen’s Diner, “There’s a difference between Karen’s and bullies.”

In a follow-up video, Hardgrave shared additional information about the customer who confronted the staff member. 

The customer himself commented on her video, explaining his side of the story, arguing that the staff member insulted his receding hairline, which he considered body shaming. 

Claiming To Have Been Assaulted

He claimed that she retaliated by throwing water at him.

The video footage shows the customer’s explosive reaction, shouting insults and claiming to have been assaulted. 

He even threw a water bottle before fat shaming the waitress in an ironic twist!

The incident at Karen’s Diner has sparked a passionate discussion among people.

Did they take it too far or should people who are easily offended simple stay away from the restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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