They Were So Happy Until His Sister Attacked Her in Her Own Home and Now His Mother Is Holding Them Hostage. Their Home Sweet Home Turns Into House of Horrors

This is a story about Shane, a man who loved his family and his wife. Shane got married to his wife not so long ago, and they had been together since the cold days of December 2019. The time they had spent together had been filled with laughter, love, and, unfortunately, a whole lot of family drama. Let’s take a look at something that recently occurred.

Family Life Was Causing Them Stress

Ever since they had gotten together, there had been problems with Shane’s family. His mom, his sister, and even his brother and sister-in-law caused them stress. 

Many nights, Shane and his wife sat on their couch, wondering if they should stop talking to the family altogether.

They hadn’t made that tough choice yet, but what happened on one particular weekend made them think about it again.

So, what happened? Here’s the story.

They Wanted To Make Their New House a Home

Shane’s brother and his wife had recently moved into a new house. To make it their home, they wanted to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. To do this, they invited the whole family, including Shane and his wife, to help out.

They gathered in the new house, excited and ready to get started. But soon, they realized there was a problem. They were seven to nine people in total, but they only had one paint sprayer and a single roll of painting tape.

It wasn’t enough for everyone to be useful at once, so once Shane, his wife, his mom, and his sister-in-law finished taping up the parts that needed covering, they had to wait for their turn to paint.

As the sun started setting, Shane and his wife thought it might be a good idea to get some food for everyone.

His Wife Checked To See if Everything Was Ok

As they were discussing what to order, Shane’s sister and mother got into an argument. Worried, his wife walked over to find out what was happening. 

What followed was a nasty exchange of words.

A seemingly innocent inquiry by Shane’s wife led to an explosion of anger from his sister! She screamed that Shane’s wife had no business intervening in family discussions.

The situation escalated rapidly, with the sister closing in on Shane’s wife aggressively!

His Sister Swung a Punch at His Wife

Shane’s sister started yelling at his wife, accusing her of interfering with the family. Even though Shane’s wife tried to calm her down, the sister didn’t back down. Instead, she got angrier and started swinging her fists at his wife!

Shane jumped in, pulling his sister back, but the peace didn’t last. His sister lunged at his wife again, this time landing a punch.

By this time, Shane’s brother and sister-in-law had arrived. Instead of calming things down, they joined in the yelling, blaming Shane’s wife for the chaos!

In the days that followed, Shane and his wife received many hurtful text messages and calls from the family. They blamed Shane’s wife for the fight and accused Shane of being a bad son, brother, and uncle.

They Were Held Hostage Over the Fight

As if that wasn’t enough, they faced another issue. They needed some old tax documents to fill out some paperwork, and while her parents had sent them over as soon as they asked, Shane’s parents refused.

They told him he had to drive an hour to their house to get them and talk to his mom. And they made it clear that his wife was not welcome.

Shane felt like he had been punched in the gut. His family was holding his financial documents hostage and blaming his wife for a fight she didn’t start. It felt like they had crossed a line that they couldn’t go back from.

Even though Shane loved his family, he knew he couldn’t let them continue treating his wife this way. He had a difficult decision to make. He had to choose between his family and protecting his wife.

“The Level of Malice Is Amazing”

Redditors were shocked by Shane’s story and offered some advice for his predicament.

One user said, “Yeah, your family sounds absolutely terrible. Why do they hate your wife so much? The level of malice is amazing. No contact is definitely the way to go.”

What would you have done if you were Shane? Do you think he made the right decision? 

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