19 Things You Didn’t Know Billionaires Were Ruining

Are you one of the 99%? Do you ever wonder how millionaries and billionaires can get away with so much? You’ve probably know about how business moguls and wealthy entrepreneurs have influenced politics and markets, but did you know that those same billionaires may be ruining your life in ways that we don’t often talk about?

The topic came up in a Reddit thread when u/Lattethecoffeaddict asked, “What was ruined by rich people?” The question got a lot of attention, with over 35,000 comments. Here are the top 20 voted responses.

#1 “Accessible Waterfronts” – 33.9k Votes

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Sexycoed1972’s contribution got the most voted response. They said, “Every single piece of water with accessible waterfronts.” 

They later edited the contribution by dryly adding, “Wow, lots of upvotes. Going forward, upvotes will be $8.”

#2 “Housing” – 24.3k Votes

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The second most popular response was from Jrhawk42 who said, ” Housing – used to be the only people buying houses were those that were intending to live in them.

Now you have rich people looking into investing in real estate, and guess what rich houses are poor investments. So rich people are buying up all the affordable housing driving up the price and creating scarcity.”

#3 “Trucks” – 21.5k Votes

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Shulk_X contribution was the third most popular voted response. They said, “So many things, but I’ll say trucks. Once upon a time, a humble working class vehicle for people who need to be able to do things themselves, now they’re all luxury vehicles with massive margins, unaffordable to anyone who needs them to do real work.”

#4 Everest – 19.9k Votes

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MagicwhiteMice response to the question saying simply, “Everest.” This saw a reply from Revolutionary_Sky427 who said, “Hey man, our gods live up there and Sagarmatha is a holy site of pilgrimage for Buddhists…..Aight, I’ma climb it and die.”


#5 Ski Holidays – 19.7k Votes

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RatPackRaiders offered,”Old school ski mountains with family vibes and stoner lifties rocking to music. We always watched those silly “ski patrol” movies about the big corporations coming in and making them yuppyville and then it happened…”

Thenerfviking replied to say, “New people bought the local mountain and they were desperately trying to find guys to work there.

Lots of people were interested until they found out there was a mandatory drug test. Imagine drug testing your ski bums in a legal state, something tells me that policy is gone next year.”

#6 The Middle Class – 19.4k Votes

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Layogenic_87 contributed that it was, “The middle class” rich people were ruining. Megaman_exe agreed, “They absolutely bodied the middle class.”

The Redditor went on to say, “I wonder if I’ll ever get to live the 20’s that people always recommend where you get to travel and do the shit you want to do. Lmao I wonder if I’ll ever own my own place or if I’ll be stuck at home for most my life.”

#7 Colorado – 17.9k Votes

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Colorado_sunrise86 responded to say, “Colorado.” EnvironmentalSun8410 ask, “Why is everyone saying Colorado. Can someone explain this for the international crowd?”

This saw a response from ChufferMagee, who said, “CO born and raised here! Forever priced out of my hometown. Me and all my friends have moved, just can’t afford to live there anymore. Mostly expensive due to housing. Also skiing used to be affordable, now it’s not.”

#8 Beaches Development – 17.8k Votes

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Takeonlyone provided a similar contribution to that given by Sexycoed1972 at the top of this list. They said, “Beaches./over development…they f*** it up every damn time..”

Nstopman422 replied, “Rich people have ruined a lot of things in California, but one thing I love about the state is that you cannot own the beaches. Every beach is public access. No trashy fences blocking off sections of private beach access…”

#9 Frugality and Thrifting – 16.0k Votes

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JojoNono17 response was, “Thrifting” but in defense Hypo-osmotic replied, “Thrifting is cool when it’s rich people donating and poor people buying.”

#10 Concerts – 15.6k Votes

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BigTuna0890 said that it was, “Concerts” and Lakechrista added, “..and sporting events. Even NASCAR tickets are expensive, now.” 

Tsgram also replied to say, “My god I swear basketball tickets are thrice as expensive as they were pre-pandemic.”

#11 Pork Shoulder and Oxtail – 15.4k Votes

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Thedankbank1021 response was to ask, “Why is pork shoulder and oxtail so expensive? It literally used to be the parts nobody wanted.” 

Ennion replied saying, “You can thank the food network and food documentarian for that. Once people started learning how to cook them, they went nuts.”

#12 Public Parks – 15.0k Votes

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Nottherealneal contribution was to explain, “There used to be a really nice big park in the center of the city where I live. Everyone would go there, it was a nice open space, take your kids, take your dogs, enjoy the fresh air.

Then some people from the rich part of town along the edges of the park decided they didn’t like the noise coming from the park and pulled some BS to buy it out and walled it off so you couldn’t go to the park unless you lived in that specific neighborhood anymore.”

#13 Watching Live Professional Sports

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Maninthemoonpie’s contribution was to say, “I stopped going to professional sports because I can only afford s*** seats. Not worth the effort any more.”

XXSpaceturdXx agreed, “
For a fun day out with you and a friend at an NFL game will run you around 500 bucks. Or you could watch it on your big screen TV at home which has better play-by-play and angles than being at the game where you end up watching Half of it on a monitor anyway. Unless I get tickets for free I don’t even bother going to sporting events anymore.”

#14 “Cheap Foods” No Longer Cheap – 12.6k Votes

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Eggtada thought that, “Cheap and simple dishes. ramen, tacos, sushi. now everything’s gotta be labeled premium only to taste the exact same…if not, worse.”

Molly_777 added, “Brisket used to be a leftover cut given to the workers who figured out how to make it awesome. Now we have brisket-flation and rich people smoking them on their $1500 Bluetooth enabled pellet smoker.”

#15 Burning Man – 12.4k Votes

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Misfitmedia response was, “Burning Man.” Jessek agreed, “Was the first thing I thought of. When Mark Zuckerberg is helicoptering in to stay in a billionaire camp with air conditioned mobile homes, Burning Man has lost whatever counterculture standing it had.”

#16 Any Hobby That Can Offer a Profit – 11.8k Votes

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Mythrowawayforfilth view was that, “Any hobby where there’s potential profit. Now you’ve got d***heads like the Logan Paul ruining Pokémon cards. Not because they’re into them because they like Pokémon but because they read the stories about the rare cards and just hammered their endless piles of cash into getting everything.

Same with those asshole sheiks with massive comic book collections. They don’t give a f*** about comics. They just collect popular valuable stuff.”

#17 Housing Flipping – 11.2k Votes

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Intrapersonally said, “Housing flipping for sure – looking to potentially buy at the moment and everything has been fitted with new grey kitchens and modern lighting etc which isn’t my style. I may be in the minority here but means paying way more for a house and then having the job of ripping everything out.”

Odd_Calligrapher_407 replied in agreement, “I don’t want luxury anything. I. Just. Want. A. Home.”

#18 80s and 90s cars – 10.7k Votes

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / Grzegorz Czapski

MihalysRevenge said that for them it is, “80s and 90s cars. The market is super hot right now and all the rich guys are buying them up. Sorta like 50s and 60s cars in the 90s.”

#19 Government – 9.5k Votes

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Jdevo713’s contribution saw a few responses. They said, “Government.” Which _Ayota_ replied, “Of the rich By the rich For the rich.”

PhreedomPhighter added, “In recent memory whenever the poor try to do things their way the CIA comes over and puts a stop to that.”

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