This Guy Is a Multimillionaire and Faked Poverty to Protect Himself From Toxic Family Members

He landed a job with a below-average salary, and experienced toxic behavior from his family, but now he’s financially successful and hides his wealth from his family during visits.

He Studied Abroad Then Landed a Great Job

It all began when the man went to study abroad and later landed a job. Upon getting accepted, the first thing they did was call his mother, who inquired about his salary. 

Despite the man’s salary being below average for that country, their parents thought he was rich when converted to their home country’s currency, and their behavior changed instantly.

His parents began to insist on being treated with the man’s first paycheck, and when they visited, they did not spend any money. 

This became a pattern where his family expected the man to regularly pay for their visits, and even told other family members that the man would take care of them. 

His Family Expected Lots of Gifts

When the man visited his home country, his family expected him to bring lots of gifts and pay for everything. They even said he should pay for his siblings’ college tuition. 

The man slowly began to realize how toxic their family was, and decided to draw boundaries by stopping calls and updates about his life. 

When the pandemic hit, the man was just starting his business, which gradually became more lucrative, and quit his job. 

He told his family he lost his job and was struggling, and his family stopped reaching out unless he called.

He Wasn’t Honest About His Salary

Now financially at ease, the man told his family he found a job that doesn’t pay much and has a high cost of living to protect himself. 

When his family visits, they pay for their own flights, and the man rents a small apartment and uses public transport with them.

He keeps his penthouse and belongings secret from his family by having his assistant find an apartment in a different neighborhood and keeping his old stuff there.

Despite wanting to keep his family around, the man will always be known as the poor family member struggling abroad, and will never reveal the truth to them.

An Elaborate Way to Avoid Standing Up for Yourself

One user responded, “That is one elaborate way to avoid standing up for yourself and telling them no.”

Another questioned, “How will it work out, though, once you have a family of your own?”

What do you think? Should he just stand up to his family, or is that easier said than done? Is this something he will be able to keep up long term?

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