“This Is Disgusting” – She Blasts Walmart for Selling Children’s Books Promoting Alcohol

This mother is concerned about a book her daughter found in the children’s section at Walmart, which normalizes and even promotes alcohol abuse in parents. The video shows her reading the rhyming children’s book where it repeatedly mentions, “Daddy likes beer.” The woman is stunned and speechless at the end of the video.

A Kid’s Book That Promotes Alcohol?

A video shared on TikTok by a worried mother has gone viral as she claims to have found a children’s book that promotes alcohol abuse among parents.

The mother, Ashli, uploaded the video of her reading a book titled “Daddy Likes Beer,” which she claims was discovered by her daughter in the children’s section of a Walmart store.

The TikTok video has gained over 1.3 million views and counting.

Her Daughter Had Seen Her Father Struggle With Alcohol Abuse

Ashli’s video caption revealed that her daughter had seen her father’s struggles with alcohol abuse.

The book “Daddy Likes Beer” includes lines like “Donkey likes a dangled carrot, Bunny likes to disappear, Monkey likes banana smoothies, and Daddy likes his beer.”

Walmart’s description categorizes the book as “lighthearted and family-friendly.”

The book shows more rhymes that end with, “Daddy sure likes beer,” and even goes on to name different types of beers, such as “Pilsners and Porters.”

Viewers Sent Abusive Comments

It ends with, “Mummy picks up Daddy’s beer; wow, Mummy likes beer too!”

Ashli uploaded another TikTok video, urging people to face the realities of the world.

Ashli suggested that the staff relocate the book to the humor section instead of the children’s section.

Following the massive virality of her initial video, she disabled the comment section due to viewers sending abusive comments about her disapproval of shopping at Walmart, which she also dismissed as untrue in the follow-up video.

It’s Now Labeled a ‘Book for Dads’

Distractify reports that the book’s publisher has since revised the product description, now labeling it as a “book for dads.”

Walmart has remained silent in response to inquiries regarding the matter.

How would you feel if you found your child reading this book? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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