Zoo Owner Released Tiger into Busy Swimming Pool: Was Terror Caused Worth the ‘Celebrity-Only’ Zoo’s Publicity?

A Dubai zoo owner, Humaid Al Buqaish, created a sensation by releasing a fully-grown tiger into a pool where unsuspecting visitors were relaxing.

Private Celebrity Zoo

Dubai, known for its extravagant and unconventional experiences, recently witnessed a jaw-dropping spectacle at a private celebrity-only zoo owned by Humaid Al Buqaish. 

In a stunt that could rival scenes from Hollywood movies, Buqaish decided to release a fully-grown tiger into a pool where visitors were leisurely lounging. 

The shocking incident unfolded, leaving people scampering for their lives in a mix of terror and astonishment.

The viral video of this extraordinary episode immediately drew comparisons to a famous scene from the Bradley Cooper film ‘The Hangover,’ in which a trio of characters must grapple with the unexpected presence of a tiger. 

Tiger in the Pool

At Buqaish’s zoo, the situation took an unexpected turn when the majestic feline made its grand entrance into the pool area, catching the pool-goers entirely off guard.

In the video, visitors can be seen enjoying a relaxed time in the pool when, suddenly, the rogue tiger emerges on the scene. 

Panic ensues as individuals frantically attempt to escape the unexpected danger. Some hastily exit the pool, while others, struggling with slippery footing, make a run for safety. 

Fortunately, it appears that no one suffered any harm during this adrenaline-pumping prank.

Big Names, Bizarre Interactions

The Buqaish private zoo in Dubai is no ordinary wildlife sanctuary. Humaid Al Buqaish founded it after exotic pet ownership was outlawed for the royal family in the country, leaving many animals without a home. 

Visits to this exclusive zoo are by appointment only and typically attract celebrities from around the world. 

High-profile personalities like Anthony Davis, Fabinho, Alex Telles, DaBaby, Neyo, and Akon have all reportedly visited the private zoo in the past.

Humaid Al Buqaish, the owner of the zoo, is renowned for his audacious and often bizarre interactions with the animals under his care. 

Pizza Eating Bear

His antics have made him a sensation on the internet, including feeding pizza to a fully-grown bear and sharing breakfast with a lion named ‘Simba.’ 

While some may view these stunts as daring and entertaining, others may question the ethics and safety of such interactions with wild animals. 

Nevertheless, Buqaish’s zoo continues to be a magnet for attention and controversy in Dubai’s vibrant entertainment landscape.

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