Time-Travelers: Opening a Secret Hatch Reveals a Hidden Party Room – But They’re 135 Years Too Late!

Two friends find a hidden cellar underneath one of their houses thanks to a tip-off from a neighbor, but they end up finding every man’s dream. TikTok was shocked at the friend’s discovery of countless bottles of 135-year-old alcohol.

Breaking Through the Floorboards

A young man, Luca’s discovery beneath his house leads to an unexpected journey of buried treasure.

A neighbor speaks of a possible cellar, which sparked curiosity in Luca and his friend Tom.

With determination, Luca and Tom break through the floorboards, uncovering a secret chamber in the 200-year-old home.

In the hidden room, the duo stumbles upon a collection of mysterious dust-covered bottles.

An Ancient Party

One bottle has the label “Clarke’s World Famed Blood Mixture, Lincoln, England,” a historic remedy sold between 1876 and 1920.

Luca and Tom savored the moment as they realized the worth of what they had found.

The hidden chamber yields more surprises in part three, such as bottles of brandy and whisky from 1887, sparking jokes about an “ancient party.”

Their TikTok videos gained over five million views, with everyone curious about what they’ll find in part four!

What’s the Discovery Worth

Enthusiastic commentators encourage the duo to appraise their discoveries, suggesting potential priceless treasures.

Teasing with anticipation, Luca and Tom hint at the possibility of another secret room in the cellar.

One TikTok question pointed out, “Don’t open that bottle. Probably worth as much as the house,” which starts the question, how much can they earn out of this discovery?

What would you do if you found these bottles under your house? Let us know in the comments.

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