“Too Many American Flags” – Foreign Woman Criticizes ‘Excessive’ US Patriotism While Struggling to Recall Flag of Home

One Australian woman shared her disbelief at the amount of American flags she saw in public during her trip to America, calling for Americans to take them down immediately.

Too Many Flags!

An Australian woman’s TikTok video has caused outrage after she complained about the number of American flags in the US during her visit.

In the video, TikTok user Mia Chloe voiced her surprise at the multitude of American flags she encountered during her travels, suggesting there are “too many American flags.”

Mia’s clip ridiculed the country for the number of flags that appear in public, mentioning that they appear on houses, cars, and even couch cushions.

A Unique Country

Addressing Americans, she asserted, “You’re the only country that I know that does this,” implying how annoyed she was about it.

Mia speculated that those producing the flags must be profiting immensely, given their widespread presence.

She compared the situation with Australia, admitting she had seen an Australian flag only on the iconic Harbour Bridge in Sydney.

Doesn’t Know Her Own Flag

She then ranted about her familiarity with the Australian flag, saying, “I know it’s blue and it’s got some stars on it, but I think I could draw the American flag from memory.”

Mia concludes her video by urging US citizens to “pull back on” the flag displays.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott entered the fray by responding on Twitter, urging Mia to “go back to Australia” alongside American flag emojis.

Maybe Go Home

Responses from Twitter users were also strong, with many people mocking the woman for how unintelligent she came across.

When reposted by the Twitter account @LibsOfTikTok, they captioned it, “Should We Start A Gofundme To Pay For Her Flight Back To Australia?”

It can’t be confirmed whether Mia made it back to her home country or not, but the world eagerly awaits a follow-up video, and maybe even an apology!

Should Mia apologise for her harsh words? Get involved in the topic by leaving a comment.

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