Top Gender Clinic Director Drops Bombshell – She Claims ‘Infinite’ Gender Identities, Including Bizarre ‘Gender Tootsie Roll Pop’!

Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, a California-based gender clinic director and medical school professor, has asserted an “infinite” number of gender identities, including one she called a “Gender Tootsie Roll Pop.”

“Gender Tootsie Roll Pop”

In the fields of medicine and psychology, Dr. Ehrensaft has long championed gender ideology.

Her roles include serving as the director of mental health and chief psychologist at the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) Benioff Children’s Hospital gender development center and as a professor at UCSF School of Medicine.

In a slide deck presentation on gender ideology, which Fox News reviewed, Dr. Ehrensaft introduced the concept of a “Gender Tootsie Roll Pop” identity.

She has previously dubbed her agenda “The New Gender Wars,” and she has also called it a “Gender Revolution.”

Gender Even Possess Identities Influenced by Different Seasons and Locations

Dr. Ehrensaft advocates for early social transitions for children, asserting, “Gender comes in an infinite variety, and children should get to live in their affirmed gender at such time they know it.”

Among the various gender identities she listed are “Pangender Youth,” “Protogay Children,” “Prototransgender Youth,” “Gender Teslas,” “Gender Ambidextrous Children,” and “Gender Smoothies.”

Her claims have raised eyebrows, including her belief that children can be “Gender Hybrids” and even possess identities influenced by different seasons and locations.

Dr. Ehrensaft contends that the root of gender pathology lies more in societal culture than within the children themselves.

… A Cautious Approach

She argues that a diagnosis of gender identity disorder pertains more to the broader culture than to transgender youth.

Dr. Ehrensaft emphasizes a cautious approach, advocating waiting until adolescence to conclude a child’s gender identity.

Furthermore, she suggests that psychological and psychiatric challenges, if present, often stem from adverse societal reactions rather than solely from individual issues.

Enabling Children To Express Their Genders Freely

“If present, individual psychological/psychiatric problems are often secondary to negative interpersonal and cultural reactions to a child,” she stated.

She emphasizes the significance of enabling children to express their genders freely rather than imposing external dictates upon them.

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