Torn Between Faith and Family: Why She Can’t Bring Herself to Visit Her Grandmother’s Grave

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared a personal story about her struggles with faith, family abuse, and the decision to avoid visiting her grandmother’s grave. Here’s the full story.

She Began Her Journey of Self-Discovery

Emily grew up in a Jewish family but always doubted her religious beliefs.

At a young age, she was expelled from a religious school for questioning the Jewish religion, which marked the beginning of her journey of self-discovery.

Emily’s family life was marred by abuse, except for her grandmother, who always tried to defend her.

The abuse took various forms, from physical violence to neglect, culminating in Emily’s permanent expulsion from her mother’s home at the tender age of 14.

She Found Purpose in Cosmic Unity, Spirits, and Rebirth

Unsurprisingly, the strained relationship between Emily and her family persisted even after her grandmother’s passing.

Adding to Emily’s reservations was the scene her mother caused at the burial, blaming Emily’s faith and accusing her of breaking her grandmother’s heart, despite her grandmother’s acceptance and support of Emily’s beliefs.

As time passed, Emily found solace and a sense of purpose in a personal belief system centered on cosmic unity, spirits, and rebirth.

Although her beliefs shared some similarities with Buddhism, Emily emphasized that it was a unique belief system that had helped her overcome addiction and regain her emotional well-being.

She Had a Vivid Dream in Which Her Grandmother Said She Was Proud of Her, of Her Finding God, and Said Goodbye

On the night of her grandmother’s passing, Emily had a vivid dream in which her grandmother said she was proud of her, of her finding God, and said goodbye. Her grandmother passed away the next day.

This dream held profound significance for Emily, solidifying her conviction that her grandmother’s spirit had transcended earthly confines.

Emily considered burial a barbaric practice that trapped spirits, delaying their reunion with the cosmos and eventual rebirth.

To ensure her wishes were respected, she created a legal document stating her preference for cremation upon her death.

Was She Wrong To Refuse To Visit Her Grandmother’s Grave?

Consequently, she found visiting her grandmother’s grave an uncomfortable and contradictory act, as she believed her spirit no longer resided there.

In light of these, Emily took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong to refuse to visit her grandmother’s grave.

Several Redditors sided with Emily and said that she was not wrong.

“Graves Exist for the Living To Have a Place To Mourn and Remember Their Loved Ones”

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA – Graves are not there for the dead. Graves exist for the living to have a place to mourn and remember their loved ones. That said, you don’t have to go there if you don’t wish, but don’t make it about something your crappy family or your mom did a year or more ago.”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA, you’re not hurting anyone by not visiting the grave. Do whatever makes you comfortable.”

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