Torn Bonds: When Love and Family Collide, A Brother’s Heart-Wrenching Dilemma

A young man took to Reddit to ask for opinions about an argument he’d been having with his sister. It seems she thinks he’s trying to steal her in-laws! Here is the whole story.

“You Are the Golden Child”

OP is a 25-year-old man with a 27-year-old sister. They got along just fine for most of his life, until a few years ago.

That’s when OP’s sister told him she had always considered him a golden child who could do no wrong in their parents’ eyes. That made life tougher for her all around.

While OP agrees that his parents handled him with kid gloves, he thought it was all just part of being the younger sibling. But now his sister seems to harbor some hard feelings toward him.

The relationship had been icy for a while when OP’s sister invited him to her engagement party, partially as a way to reconnect. He was happy to go and was excited for his sister.

She Had Romantic Feelings for Her Future BIL

But at the party, OP met his sister’s future brother-in-law, and the two immediately hit it off. They became good friends quickly and eventually realized they had romantic feelings for each other.

After keeping their relationship quiet for a year or so, OP and his new boyfriend announced their relationship to their families. That happened about a month before his sister’s wedding..

To OP’s relief, his new partner’s family was warm and inviting. He figured it would be that way since they were very kind to him even before they knew the men were dating, but they heartily welcomed him to the family.

OP was the first person his boyfriend had ever brought home to introduce as a partner, and he had been nervous. But his parents and little brother made OP feel right at home.

The Siblings Compared Notes About the Future In-Laws

One day, OP and his sister were comparing notes about the future in-laws, and OP told her how wonderful they had been to him. It was all too much for his sister, who hadn’t received the same warmth and love while dating her future husband.

OP’s sister was hurt and angry, and she told him this was typical of what happens when two “golden children” get together. OP told her that was ridiculous and that she was being defensive for no reason.

But his sister lashed out at OP, asking why he had to pick her husband’s brother as a partner out of everyone in the world. She said that OP had stolen much of her childhood, and now he was trying to steal her in-laws, too.

OP was pretty shocked by his sister’s outburst and didn’t know what to do.

His Sister Had a Jealousy Meltdown

After the argument finally fizzled out, OP’s first instinct was to tell his partner’s parents about his sister’s meltdown. But he decided to hold off since she was already mad at him for interfering with her future in-laws.

OP isn’t sure where to go from here, though, and may still end up spilling the beans to his partner’s folks. He took to Reddit for some additional perspective.

Tittle Tattle

And Redditors were happy to oblige, with most of them telling OP that he is a major jerk for continually undermining his sister’s happiness. Many say he may not even think he’s doing it, but he is.

A few commenters give OP the benefit of the doubt and think that he may not be trying to cause trouble for his sister. But they warn that if he even thinks of tattle telling his partner’s parents, he risks blowing up the relationship with his sister forever.

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