Tornado Machines Created to Attack Trump Voters: Political Discussions Mandatory in His Family – So He Got Creative!

A creative young man had Redditors joining in the fun when he punked his dad by pretending to be a conspiracy theorist to get out of political arguments. It was absurd theater at its best. Here is the whole story.

Political Discussions Mandatory

OP’s dad is one of these guys who always tries to engage everyone in political discussions and arguments.

The older man will talk about anything as long as it stirs up his family, and OP doesn’t even think he really cares about the issues at hand.

As far as OP can tell, his dad’s only goal is to get under the skin of everyone around him.

For his part, OP has tried to avoid the conversations or just say “no opinion” when his dad tries to pull him in.

But that doesn’t fly with OP’s dad, who mocks him for not participating in family conversations.

He’d Meet Him Head-on

It’s the same story with the rest of the family, which is what really bothers OP. The arguments almost always end up with someone getting trampled over and hurt by the dad.

So, for quite a while now, OP has been trying out different methods to dodge his dad’s conversations. None of them worked.

Recently, OP decided to meet his father head-on instead of trying to sneak out of a confrontation.

Now, when OP’s dad comes at him with one of his silly political arguments or conspiracy theories, OP doubles down on the older man’s premise.

Tornado Machines Created to Attack Trump Voters

For example, OP’s dad recently started in on how he thought President Obama and the Chinese government had conspired with each other to whip up climate change propaganda.

OP said he was familiar with that theory, then asked his dad if he knew about the tornado machines the federal government created to attack Trump voters.

OP’s dad was utterly unprepared for that absurd argument. He tried to push back but then just gave up and changed the subject.

It was a massive victory for OP and a model he still uses to combat his dad’s political discussions.

Pro-Choice Feminists

But that strategy backfired recently after OP used it again at a family get-together.

OP’s aunt and her wife were at the table. Both are feminists and staunchly pro-choice.

OP could almost imagine what was coming and, sure enough, his dad offered a toast to the “death of Planned Parenthood” at the dinner table.

Before his aunt and her wife could get a word out, OP let loose a wild story about how Planned Parenthood isn’t at all what everyone thinks.

OP’s version of events involved fake abortions and dog uteruses, and it left everyone at the table stunned.

Take Politics Seriously

It succeeded once again in shutting up OP’s dad, but his mom had other ideas.

She pulled OP aside and said he wasn’t taking people’s political views seriously.

She told him that he embarrassed her and made himself look like a complete fool.

Now, OP wonders if he went too far.

Outlandish Theories

But he’s even more worried about whether his cover is blown and his dad will ramp up his silly political arguments even more.

Redditors had a hard time passing judgment on this story because most of them were laughing too hard.

And most of the commenters joined in the fun by providing their outlandish takes on popular conspiracy theories and political misconceptions.

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