Touting Vaccine “Successes” as VP – Pence Throws Jabs at Biden’s COVID-19 Mandates

There’s doom and gloom in the news about how bad COVID-19 will be this fall and winter. But one prominent politician isn’t sure he wants protection. Here is the full story.

Rising COVID Cases a Concern?

During the last weeks of summer in the United States, COVID cases across the country began to spike.

It’s raised concerns about what might happen this fall and winter. Is the world destined for another round of lockdowns, or is the worry overblown?

New COVID-19 Booster Recommended

Partially in response to rising concern around the new round of infections, the FDA approved yet another COVID-19 booster shot in mid-September.

As usual, the FDA recommends that pretty much every American who isn’t an infant get the shot. 

Only Half of Americans to Get Boosted

But also, as usual, there is much debate about whether another jab is warranted or even safe. The Hill reported just before the FDA’s announcement that a poll of Americans shows only about half want another COVID booster.

And there are some big, important names on that list. At least one of those names could become very important depending on how the 2024 presidential election pans out.

Pence Undecided on Booster

During a recent interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Jake Tapper asked former Vice President Mike Pence if he planned on getting the latest jab.

Pence was quick to answer, though it was anything but definitive. The presidential hopeful says that he hasn’t decided yet.

“We haven’t made a decision on that yet as a family. I think every family ought to make those decisions.”

Praise for His Work as VP

Pence wouldn’t let it go at that, though, thumping his chest over how he and former President Trump were in charge when the drug companies came up with vaccines at lightning speed.

“I’m incredibly proud of…the fact that American innovation developed not only therapeutics but free, safe, and effective vaccines was a medical miracle,” Pence said.

Calls Out Biden’s Mandates

And he also took the chance to dump on the current president a little bit, saying that Biden’s vaccine and mask mandates were wrong.

Pence thinks Biden’s draconian actions have caused vaccines to become a “political football” that continues to be debated all over the country.

New Mandates on the Horizon?

With Pfizer and Moderna both set to release updated vaccines, the debates are about ready to rage at full force again.

And, if any new mandates do come down the pipe, they’re likely to face the same political, social, and legal pushbacks that have met all of Biden’s COVID regulations to this point.

Keeping Options Open

As for Pence and his plans to get another booster or not, he’s keeping his options open. Maybe he wants to read the room and see what other Republicans are going to do.

Or maybe Pence wants to wait for whatever the Biden administration mandates or does not mandate. However, whether or not Pence gets another jab may not matter to most Americans.

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