Traffic Stop Joke Goes Viral: ‘Dead Body in My Car’ Blunder Sparks White Privilege Outcry!

In this cringeworthy viral video, a white guy gets pulled over by the police during a routine traffic stop. However, when asked if he knows why he got pulled over, the guy jokes about having a dead body in his trunk. When asked to step out of the car, he grabs his phone from his pocket as he does so, sparking debate about white privilege and what would’ve happened if he was black.

White Privilege Debate

This viral TikTok video has ignited a massive debate about white privilege.

Riley, known as @lemonbrothers on TikTok, shared a video: “Pro Tip #1: Don’t tell a cop you have a dead body in the back of your car as a joke.”

This video has already racked up a mind-boggling 5.5 million views.

In the footage, Riley is seen chatting with a police officer through his car window during a routine traffic stop.

“Uh, Is It ‘Cause You Think I’m Cute or the Dead Body in the Back of My Car?”

The officer asks, “Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?” But Riley’s response takes everyone by surprise.

He jokingly responded, “Uh, is it ’cause you think I’m cute or the dead body in the back of my car?”

The officer instructs him to step out of the car, and Riley grabs his phone as he complies.

We’re all aware of the heartbreaking stories where routine traffic stops for people of color have turned into tragic encounters with the police.

“What in the White Privilege!”

This interaction between a white individual and a law enforcement officer has sparked debate about what would happen if Riley were a black man.

One user warned, “Results may vary depending on skin color.”

Another comment didn’t hold back, “What in the white privilege!”

Several users echoed this sentiment, while another person somberly stated, “Imagine grabbing the phone while Black.”

Do you agree with the TikTok users about role reversal? Let us know in the comments.

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