Trans Allies Labelled Sex Offenders and Plans for Conservative Flood Zone: Right Wing Group Deemed Authoritarian Fantasists

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative group, has come out with a bold plan for the future of the Republican party. Working with other right-wing groups, they’ve put together “Project 2025”, a plan that has many worried about the rights of the LGBTQ community. 

Comparing “Trans Ideology” to Porn

The Heritage Foundation aims to change government structures and policies, moving the U.S. towards a more conservative direction. 

This strategy, likening “transgender ideology” to pornography and proposing dire consequences for those promoting trans visibility, has sent shockwaves through the nation.

Their plan doesn’t just touch on political structures; it also goes deep into social issues. 

Educators Labelled Sex Offenders

One of their major concerns is the discussion around transgender people.

 They liken talks about transgender identity to pornography, suggesting strict punishments for those who share such information. 

They even suggest treating educators who discuss it as sex offenders and shutting down tech companies that allow its spread.

Waging a War on Wokeness

Their manifesto, “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise,” is a long one, at 920 pages. 

The project paints a future Republican administration ready to wage war on “wokeness” and cultural inclusion. 

The Heritage Foundation wants any mention of sexual orientation and gender identity removed from federal laws. 

They also want to eliminate mentions of diversity, gender equality, and reproductive rights, arguing that these terms infringe on First Amendment rights.

Turning Washington Into a Conservative Flood Zone

The Heritage Foundation is also against any teaching of the “noxious tenets of gender ideology” in schools.

Paul Dans, who is in charge of Project 2025 and used to work for the Trump administration, sees this project as a big call to action for conservatives. 

He wants them to get more involved in government. 

The idea is to reduce the number of people working in the federal government and replace them with loyal, conservative supporters. 

Dans states, “We need to flood the zone with conservatives. People need to lay down their tools…This is my lifetime to serve.”

Authoritarian Fantasy

However, not everyone on the right agrees with everything in Project 2025. Philip Wallach, from the American Enterprise Institute, is one of them. 

He stated, “Some of these visions, they do start to just bleed into some kind of authoritarian fantasies…and that’s just not the system of government we live under.”

Republican narratives in recent years have often been punctuated with attempts to portray LGBTQ advocates, especially those fighting for transgender rights, as influencers intent on confusing or “sexualizing” the youth. 

Fear Among LGBTQ Advocates

This manifests in various state laws that have cropped up, banning LGBTQ expressions in various forms.

Many people, especially from the LGBTQ community, are deeply concerned about what’s in the plan. 

Ari Drennen, the LGBTQ program director at Media Matters for America, articulated the collective fear and outrage in a post on X (Twitter).

 Drennen remarked, “Right-wing thinkers are circulating a chilling 920-page blueprint for the next President to declare the mere existence of trans people pornographic. These are not cranks, this is the Republican policy establishment.”

A Divided Future

The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 is a big plan with a clear vision for the future, causing a lot of controversial debate. 

While it’s a call to action for some conservatives, it’s a cause for concern for many others, especially those who support LGBTQ rights. 

The nation is now watching closely to see how these plans will affect the future.

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