Trans Kids, “Feminized” Men, and an “Overly-Emotional” Population? Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Believe They Have the Answer

Right-wing conspiracy theorists have a new, ridiculous theory about this chemical that’s found in everyday products, and they’re saying it’s turning men feminine… No, seriously!

Xenoestrogen Conspiracy

Today, we’re diving into the world of right-wing conspiracy theories, where outrageous claims about xenoestrogens are causing a frenzy online.

Right-wing conspiracy theorists are no strangers to wild ideas, from election fraud to secret elites, but now xenoestrogens take the spotlight.

Uncover the truth about xenoestrogens, the synthetic chemicals believed to mimic estrogen’s effects in various products.

Xenoestrogens, synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen’s effects, are found in plastics and cosmetics, and now they’ve become a topic of speculation in conspiracy circles.

Feminizing Men

A recent post attempted to shed light on a theory that xenoestrogens are intentionally used to “feminize” men. 

The bizarre idea suggests a shadowy group may be manipulating the population with extra estrogen exposure.

The post claims xenoestrogens constantly bombard us, but what effects do these conspiracists believe the chemical has on our bodies?

Experts don’t deem xenoestrogens harmful, and research is ongoing to further prove this, so, why are conspiracy theorists so scared?

“Overly-Emotional” Guys

The conspiracy revolves around the idea that xenoestrogens are purposefully introduced to trigger “overly-emotional” men, turning them more feminine.

Even figures like RFK Jr., known for conspiracy support, have become associated with the theory after users posted their thoughts on Twitter.

One user voiced support for RFK Jr.’s presidential bid purely due to his stance against xenoestrogens, “My argument for support him is simple: he is the 1st & ONLY anti-xenoestrogen candidate.”

The user also argued that this was the number one reason to vote for someone, saying, “This issue arguably trumps all others,” before adding, “Nothing else matters.”

Explaining the Rise of Trans Kids?

Extending the wild and ridiculous conspiracy, believers suggested xenoestrogens are behind transgender identity, “Born this way” trans stuff is being pumped out… because a confused, isolated consumer is a rabid consumer,” Before arguing that confronting the issue would be the “Biggest legal event in history.”

Research into xenoestrogen’s effects has faced criticism for its flaws, with experts saying it causes no effects or danger.

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