Trans ‘Sorority Sister’ Triumphs – Women’s Accusations of ”Voyeuristic Peeping” and Predatory Behavior Dismissed by Wyoming Court

A recent lawsuit to dismiss transgender student Artemis Langford from a University of Wisconsin sorority has been dismissed. An emotional Langford has welcomed the dismissal after accusations of being a “predator” and making sorority sisters “uncomfortable” have dogged her first year of college. 

A Polarizing Lawsuit

A young transgender student at the University of Wyoming was photographed bursting into tears after hearing the news that a lawsuit against her had been dismissed.

After Artemis Langford was admitted to the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, six sorority members filed a lawsuit to challenge Langford’s admission on the grounds that her presence made them “uncomfortable,” along with a number of other accusations.


Judge Alan Johnson dismissed the lawsuit brought to the Wyoming U.S. District Court, stating that the sorority’s bylaws did not give an adequate definition of a “woman.”

 Therefore, he could not impose the six disputants definition on the rest of the organization.

According to Johnson, freedom of association dictates that the court could not interfere with the sororities’ vote to admit Langford. “With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the court will not define a ‘woman’ today,” the judge stated. 

Is It a Policy Violation?

The ruling brought immense relief to Langford, who came to the college and the sorority, seeking community and a fresh start. “Maybe I can just be another student on campus, another regular sister in the Wyoming chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma?” she told the Washington Post. ​​” Maybe I can just be me.”

However, the Kappa Kappa Gamma members who filed the lawsuit are unlikely to share her optimism. 

They bid to block Langford’s admission to the sorority on the grounds that it violated the sorority’s policies since, in their eyes, Langford was not a woman and made no effort to look like one. 

6’2 and 260 Pounds

‘Other than occasionally wearing women’s clothing, [Langford] makes little effort to resemble a woman,’ the suit read. ​​” [Langford] is 6’2′ tall, and he weighs 260 pounds. No other member of Kappa Kappa Gamma has comparable size or strength.’

The lawsuit also alleged strange and inappropriate behavior in the sorority house that made other members uncomfortable. 

It described Langford’s supposed habit of ‘staring at them without talking’ for hours on end and ‘voyeuristically peeping on them while they were in intimate situations.’ 

Inappropriate Encounters

Other accusations include ‘repeatedly questioning the women about what vaginas look like, breast cup size, whether women were considering breast reductions and birth control,’ and an encounter where a sorority member had changed out of their pajamas without a bra on. 

They had turned and found Langford watching with ‘his hands over his genitals’ in an apparent state of sexual arousal.

Some Kappa Kappa Gamma members, including some who were not a part of the lawsuit, are unhappy with the lawsuit dismissal. ‘People were losing sleep, having panic attacks and mental breakdowns,’ one said.

Another stated, ‘The student body is mocking us, the university is staying silent, and the random people from all over the U.S. are finding our socials and harassing us.’ 

A Biological Reality

But Langford denied these accusations, saying, “Some parts were completely made up. Others were things I remember but in their version was twisted to look weird, gross, sexual.” 

The judge also described many of their arguments as “plainly inaccurate.”

Cassie Craven, the attorney for the sorority sisters who filed the case, issued a statement on behalf of her clients.

 Women for generations have benefitted from the safety, privacy, camaraderie, and common experience of single-sex organizations and housing. Future generations deserve that as well.’ 

Rallying Around

But there are plenty of people in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority who welcome the ruling and have been supportive of Langford’s admission. “​​’It’s 2022. If you vote no, it better be for, like, literal issues with that new member, or else it’s homophobic,” said one sorority sister. 

Another chimed in, “If you have something to say about this that isn’t kind or respectful, keep it to yourself.”

Senior members of the chapter reportedly told the wider sorority that ‘regardless of what your political views are, our Kappa values are acceptance and kindness so if that is something that you disagree with, that’s not in line with Kappa values.’

“I wish it didn’t matter to me. All the things they said. How they painted me like a mannish freak,” Langford said in response to the case. 

After many months of discomfort, she looks forward to settling into life on campus, hopefully without controversy.

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