Trans-Species Community: Human Identities Rejected – They Demand Respect as They Roam the Streets, Barking, Howling, and Sniffing.

In an unusual spectacle that went viral, around 1,000 people gathered at Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz railway station in Germany, identifying as dogs and communicating through barks and howls. Here’s the whole story.

Barking and Howling People

In Berlin, a group of people met, dressed in elaborate costumes resembling dogs.

Barking, howling, and playing, they communicated with each other through the expressions of dogs.

The trans-species community is a diverse group that comprises people who identify as specific animals or mythological beings, rejecting their human identity altogether.

For many of them, this sense of identity is deeply ingrained and goes beyond mere role-play.

Some of the attendees also played fetch and sniffed around.

Demanding Respect 

The group also said that they face discrimination and harassment from society and demanded recognition and respect for their choice.

However, this event in Berlin is not an isolated incident.

In recent years, people who identify as animals, known as “otherkin” or “therians,” have gained visibility in mainstream media.

Among the most well-known is a Japanese man known as Toco, who identifies as a Collie.

Toco garnered attention when he invested around £12,480 into a lifelike dog costume.

He aspired to fulfill his lifelong fantasy of “becoming an animal.”

Identifying as a Dalmatian

Toco’s journey into the world of canine impersonation led him to become an internet sensation, gaining over 52,000 subscribers on YouTube as he shared videos of himself going for walks on all fours and attempting to perform tricks for virtual audiences.

In 2019, a British man named Tom Peters made headlines for identifying as a Dalmatian.

Despite their sense of identity, the gathering in Berlin did not go unnoticed or without criticism.

Several online comments expressed skepticism, with one local saying, “Just abandon them in the Siberian tundra and let them survive with their canine instincts.”

“RIP Western Civilization”

Another Twitter user wrote, “RIP Western Civilization. When people don’t have a worthy cause to stand for.”

A third user commented, “I’ve heard about some elementary schools that allow kids to identify as dogs and cats. They even have litter boxes for them and such. I find it quite disturbing because those are people’s lives, and they are that lost and confused.”

A fourth user wrote, “This is highly disturbing. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any weirder. And… it does.”

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