Latest ‘Trans Washing’: Body Shop Closes Men’s Sections – Now “Everything Is for Everyone”

In a controversial move, The Body Shop has announced the removal of the men’s section from its stores in an effort to create a more gender-neutral shopping experience. Here’s the full story.

Gender-Specific Shopping Banned

This decision, spearheaded by the company’s UK managing director, Maddie Smith, plans to remove gender-specific shopping areas, making everyone feel welcome.

The decision comes after employees voiced concerns about the existence of a separate section for men’s products within the stores.

According to Smith, the company’s staff expressed their discomfort with the segregated approach and preferred a more inclusive shopping environment.

No Longer Dedicated to Men

She stated, “Our teams said, ‘We don’t like the men’s bay because we feel it is too segmented, and we would much rather welcome everyone and say everything is for everyone.'”

By removing the dedicated men’s section, The Body Shop plans to not only foster inclusivity but also optimize the use of space in its shops, potentially leading to cost savings.

Smith emphasized the brand’s commitment to non-gender-specific products, saying, “Our products are non-gender-specific. With some of our fragrances, different people have different tastes, but all of our skincare and body care can be used by anybody.”

Staff May Find Themselves Out of a Job

While The Body Shop is taking steps toward gender neutrality, the company continues to sell items labeled as “for men,” including shaving products.

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Fast forward six weeks when staff wonders why no one wants to buy the shops and they are all redundant. The Body Shop became a trading name; kiosks in their department stores and website belong to.”

“Sickens and Disgusts”

Another User wrote, “TBH they have been failing for years. Trans washing was just a stunt to increase sales. As to male/female, much as I’m against this ideology, there is a real point to having ungendered toiletries as the men/women marketing, women paying more, of course, are largely how we got here.”

A third user wrote, “As someone who never shops in Body Shop except for once a year when I might buy something at Christmas for a female relative, this absolutely sickens and disgusts me. What is this country coming to? Back in my day, you had clearly labeled men’s and women’s soap.”

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