Transgender Navy Vet’ Elected to State With Strictest LGBTQ+ Laws: Message to Trans Children – “We Are Valid”

In a groundbreaking election that defied the backdrop of Tennessee’s strict LGBTQ+ legislation, Navy veteran Olivia Hill has made history by becoming the first openly transgender person to get elected to Nashville’s city council. Here’s the full report.

A Landmark Election

At 57 years old, Hill’s triumph represents a significant milestone in Tennessee’s political landscape.

Olivia Hill, a proud Democrat and advocate for transgender rights, secured her place in the city’s Metro Council alongside three other women, marking a historic moment as the council now boasts a female majority. 

Her journey to this moment reflects years of dedication and resilience.

A Veteran

Before entering politics, she served the nation, spending a decade in the US Navy and completing two tours in the Persian Gulf, including the Desert Storm operation.

This military background gave her a sense of duty and discipline, qualities she has carried into her trans advocacy work.

The election of Olivia Hill is a remarkable achievement, particularly given the backdrop of Tennessee’s LGBTQ+ legislation.

Strict Laws

The state has garnered national attention for implementing some of the strictest laws concerning LGBTQ+ issues.

Earlier this year, Republican Governor Bill Lee signed a controversial law that banned gender-affirming healthcare for minors, a move widely criticized by some.

Governor Lee also attempted to restrict drag performances, an endeavor that failed when a judge ruled the law violated First Amendment rights, specifically the freedom of speech. 

Bathroom Bans

According to data from the Human Rights Campaign, Tennessee has passed 19 anti-LGBTQ+ laws since 2015, including bathroom bans and restrictions on transgender students’ participation in sports according to their gender identity. 

Olivia Hill’s victory carries significance for the LGBTQ+ community in Tennessee.

She secured 37,000 votes in the general runoff election, running a campaign focused on critical issues such as infrastructure improvement, enhanced non-vehicle transit options, and better schools for all. 

Talking to Trans Kids

Upon her victory, Hill expressed her joy and delivered a message to the transgender youth across Tennessee.

“For every trans kid in the state of Tennessee that has felt discomfort or that they didn’t belong… We are valid. We are who we say we are. And we are going to move forward,” she declared.

Hill’s dedication to social causes extends beyond politics. She has advocated for more affordable housing and measures to combat homelessness, having experienced homelessness herself during her earlier years.

Embracing Identity

Olivia Hill began her transition to become a woman in 2017, a decision in line with her understanding of her true identity from a young age.

Despite pressure and attempts to conform to traditional gender norms, Hill stayed on her path. At the age of 52, while working for Vanderbilt University, she came out as a woman.

She successfully sued Vanderbilt University for workplace discrimination in 2021. After 25 years of service, she retired from the institution and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Ongoing Work and Future Impact

In addition to her political career, Olivia Hill served as the Grand Marshal at this year’s Pride march in Nashville and is working on her first book, sharing her experiences and insights. 

Her election as a city council member makes Tennessee history, but it remains to be seen if her position on the council will make a difference in people’s lives.

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