Transgender Powerhouses – Is Fair Play at Stake in Women’s Sports?

A transgender female athlete from Canada broke a national record in women’s powerlifting with a score more than 400 pounds heavier than her next closest opponent. Here’s how people reacted. 

A Transgender Female Entered the Female Masters Unequipped Category in the Western Canadian Championship

Anne Andres, a transgender female, competed in the Western Canadian Championship for female powerlifters. At 40 years old, she entered the Female Masters Unequipped category.

In Canada, the gender self-identification policy allows athletes to compete based on their preferred gender. Athletes are not required to submit medical records or other information about hormones or medical transitions.

Andres set a new national women’s record with a final score of just over 1,317 pounds lifted. Her score was the heaviest weight anyone has ever squatted, deadlifted, and bench pressed.

Canadian powerlifter April Hutchinson said the win was “very disheartening.” She said that Andres broke a record that top female athletes have been chasing for years.

“Anyone Who Supports Transgender Athletes Competing in Women’s Sports Should Be Ashamed”

Hutchison talked about the hard work and long hours these women put into training, only to be beaten by a transgender female athlete.

“Anyone who supports transgender athletes competing in women’s sports should be ashamed,” said Hutchison. She feels transgender athletes are trying to “erase women’s sports.”

Hutchison said the records set by Andres will never be able to be broken by a biological female. Hutchison is one of many fighting to ban trans women in powerlifting.

After her record-breaking win, Andres posted on her Instagram account, “I don’t care about records. I care about being there with my friends.”

“Andres’ Record Is a Mediocre Lift by a Mediocre Male Powerlifter”

Andres went on to talk about her friends who “welcome” her and “love” her. She said her friends support her in trying to be the best she can be.

Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines bashed Andres on Twitter, saying, “Andres’ record is a mediocre lift by a mediocre male powerlifter.” Her Tweet was clear in referring to Andres as a male.

Gaines also accused the Canadian Powerlifting Union of “discriminating against female athletes” and the prime minister of having a “radical disdain for women.”

Andres’ record-breaking win wasn’t the first time she’s been under fire on social media. Anne Andres previously shared a video in which she mocked women powerlifters, saying their performances on bench press were “so bad.”

“Weak Men Who Can’t Compete”

One Twitter user, @NikLentz, said, “Bro had to change sex to compete…and he is ranting about bad form.” He found the venting video from Andres humorous.

@Scamdamp on Twitter said, “Weak men who can’t compete with their kind transition and are allowed to compete with real women.”

Not everyone was outraged about Andres’ win, however. She received praise from fans on social media as well. The Twitter account @libsoftiktok posted a video showing Andres stepping up onto the platform in the number one spot, calling her “stunning and brave.”

Anne Andres Isn’t the Only Trans Athlete Breaking Records in Women’s Powerlifting Categories

Phil V. posted, “This was amazing,” talking about Anne Andres breaking several records at the powerlifting competition.

Anne Andres isn’t the only trans athlete breaking records in women’s powerlifting categories. Another pro powerlifter with a beard, Avi Silverberg, entered a competition, identifying as a female.

Silverberg was the head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting for over 10 years. A video shows Silverberg walking up to the platform wearing a regular men’s singlet after beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 100 pounds.

Should Trans Be Able To Participate in the Gender With Which They Identify?

In the women’s category, Silverberg won eight out of nine competitions that were entered over the last four years.

The Canada Powerlifting Union’s trans policy states that individuals “should be able to participate in the gender with which they identify and not be subject to requirements for disclosure of personal information beyond those required of cisgender athletes.”

The policy has many athletes upset and calling for a rule change.

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