Transgender Pop Star Represents the Trans Community From the Front Cover of Sports Illustrated: Iconic!

A dream came true for trans pop star Kim Petras as she became only the second trans person ever to be featured in a raunchy bikini for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine.

Transgender Woman

Kim Petras, the renowned popstar, has made history yet again by becoming the second transgender woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated! 

The prestigious annual issue features four cover stars, including the likes of Megan Fox, Brooks Nader, and Martha Stewart, but it’s Petras’ golden moment that has everyone talking.

In her cover photo shot by the Yu Tsai in Los Angeles, Kim Petras wears a gold bikini while striking a pose in a pool with her arm raised above her head.

Cover Model

The Grammy Award winner’s accomplishment follows actress Leyna Bloom, who first graced the cover in July 2021.

Petras expressed her excitement, saying, “It’s very iconic, and a lot of very iconic people have done it before, so it was a big dream come true for me.”

The internet erupted with congratulatory messages from fans and supporters. 

One ecstatic fan wrote, “So so proud of you, Kim, this is iconic @kimpetras. KEEP BUSTING DOWN THEM DOORS.” 

Focussing on the Details

Another chimed in, “Beautiful!!! Congrats!!!! I wish you the best and many more of these.”

But it’s not just her cover shoot that has people celebrating; it’s also the details in the photo credits. 

The trans flag colors in the credits made a powerful statement about the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.

 “@sportsillustrated really focusing all in those details. Congrats, mama!!!” said another fan.

Sharing Her Struggles

Petras shared her struggles in an interview with the magazine, saying, “It’s definitely a scary time to be transgender in America, but there’s also so much more representation than there’s ever been, and there’s so many things on the bright side.”

Petras feels the weight of responsibility to inspire others, acknowledging the pressure she faces, “I do feel a pressure sometimes to represent the trans community with everything I do.”

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