Transgender Swimming Champion: Those “Protecting Women’s Sports” Are Using the “Guise of Feminism to Push Transphobic Beliefs”

A transgender woman and champion swimmer has hit back at her critics in a podcast. Critics argue they are standing up for women’s sports by not backing trans athletes, but she argues that they are doing the opposite of feminism.

An Unfair Advantage

Some people have spoken out against trans athletes, arguing that men are naturally stronger than women, deeming it unfair for other women in the sport.

Transgender athlete Lia Thomas passionately defends her victories against female competitors and slams critics in a revealing podcast interview.

Lia Thomas, a prominent transgender athlete, teams up with NCAA’s first transgender swimmer, Schuyler Bailar, for a podcast.

Called Teammates ‘Fake Feminists’

In March 2022, Lia Thomas won gold in the 500-yard freestyle with second place, finishing a massive 1.75 seconds before her.

Thomas asserts that transgender women should be celebrated for their achievements, not excluded from sports, in the face of criticism.

Thomas takes a stance against what she perceives as ‘fake feminists’ among her former teammates who oppose her participation on the women’s team.

Accusations of Transphobia

“‘They’re using the guise of feminism to sort of push transphobic beliefs,’ Thomas argues.

Thomas hits back at those who oppose trans athletes, saying they are trying to “‘police women’s bodies.”

In the podcast, Thomas expresses pride in her accomplishments as a swimmer while highlighting the challenges of being a transgender athlete.

“Protecting Women’s Sports”

Bailar argues that excluding trans athletes under the banner of “protecting women’s sports” is the opposite of feminism.

In one of her races, Thomas famously had the words, “Let trans kids play,” written on her arm.

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