Transgender Tennis Coach Undresses Beside Children, Chats Underwear and Menstruation: Welcomed Back to School Despite Concerns of Parents

A Pennsylvania school board has decided to extend the contract of a male tennis coach who identifies as transgender despite allegations of inappropriate behavior in the girls’ locker room. 

Male to Female

The Gettysburg Area School District school board voted 6-2 to retain tennis coach Sasha Yates for the upcoming fall season following weeks of heated debate and controversy.

Yates has been serving as the tennis coach for both the girls’ and boys’ teams since 2018, and he disclosed his transition from male to female in 2021. 

Last year, Jeremy Lusk, the principal of Gettysburg High School, issued a letter to Yates outlining several “concerns” about they’re behavior, emphasizing the importance of maintaining professional boundaries.

Underwear and Period Chat

The letter alleged that Yates had changed near students in the girls’ locker room and engaged in conversations about undergarment preferences and menstruation with students. 

In response, Yates stated that they had only removed their top in a secluded area of the locker room and did not recall posing such questions to the students.

Additionally, complaints were raised about Yates’ use of a women’s restroom and their passage through the girls’ locker room to attend a meeting. 


Following these incidents, the district reportedly directed coaches to use single-occupancy changing rooms.

Approximately 200 individuals attended the recent school board meeting that addressed this issue, with the community divided between those supporting Yates and those voicing concerns.

“I do not want a man dressed as a woman coming into my daughters’ or granddaughters’ locker room or bathroom and traumatizing them,” an unnamed resident expressed.


Kenneth Hassinger, the school board president, clarified that the primary concern was not Yates’ transgender identity but rather the issues related to bathroom usage.

“It was simply the issues that were outlined with the bathroom usage,” Hassinger explained.

Following the decision to renew Yates’ contract, Hassinger dismissed the circulating “rumors” about Yates, asserting that they lacked a factual foundation.

Team Left Without a Coach

“Overall, I think it came down to widespread rumors that were going on in the public, and we wanted to take a deep breath and make sure we had all the information before we took a vote,” Hassinger commented.

Previously, the board had reached a stalemate regarding Yates’ position, resulting in the girls’ tennis team commencing their season without a coach. 

Expressing gratitude for the renewed opportunity, Yates conveyed eagerness to continue coaching.

School Renews Contract

“I am very much looking forward to continuing to support and guide both teams as they represent Gettysburg Area High School in the coming seasons,” Yates said.

Michelle Smyers, a school board member who voted against renewing Yates’ contract, had previously cautioned the district. 

She asserted her right to access all “reprimands” issued to Yates, a request she claims the district denied and is represented by America First Legal.

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