Transgender Woman’s Shocking Court Claim: “Return My Testicles from the Fridge!”

A transgender woman residing in Pontiac has stirred attention by filing a unique court claim demanding the return of her surgically extracted testicles from her ex-boyfriend. 

Testicles Are Kept in the Fridge Next to the Eggs

Brianna Kingsley, aged 40, alleges that her ex-boyfriend Wojciechowski is keeping her testicles preserved in a Mason jar inside his refrigerator and refuses to return them.

The saga has taken an unexpected turn as this bizarre legal battle unfolds.

In her handwritten affidavit and claim, Kingsley states, “Defendant retains possession of my surgically extracted testicles, preserved in (a) Mason jar, kept in (the) fridge next to the eggs. Demand immediate return of my human remains specimen and damages of $6,500.”

Wojciechowski, aged 37, counters her claims by asserting that Kingsley took all her belongings when they broke up.

“I’ll Be Telling My Lawyer About This Because It’s Getting Ridiculous”

He maintains that she has been engaging in harassment since the termination of their relationship eight months ago.

He views the court filing as an attempt to intimidate him further and plans to present the two-page small claims affidavit, filed in Pontiac’s 50th District Court, as evidence of her ongoing harassment.

“I’ll be telling my lawyer about this because it’s getting ridiculous,” Wojciechowski expressed, mentioning that he was unaware of the court filing until contacted by The Detroit News.

The court’s small claims division has a damages cap of $6,500.

“I Don’t Owe Her Anything”

When asked about his intentions regarding Kingsley’s demands to retrieve her surgically extracted body parts, Wojciechowski remained resolute, stating, “I don’t owe her anything.”

According to the filing, the claim’s date of origin is December 27, 2022, which Wojciechowski claims was approximately two weeks after their breakup.

He elaborated, “She’s been harassing me ever since we broke up. I had to take out a PPO against her.”

To substantiate his claims of harassment, Wojciechowski provided The Detroit News with a copy of the personal protection order (PPO) he obtained against Kingsley.

The PPO Prevents Her From Purchasing Firearms

This PPO, signed by Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca on December 13, 2022, remains effective until a year after its issuance date.

Wojciechowski alleges that Kingsley threatened him and interfered with his workplace.

The PPO prevents Kingsley from purchasing firearms and mandates that she avoids personal contact and refrains from “no third party contact or social media contact.”

She Pleaded Guilty to Misdemeanor Assault

Court records reveal that Kingsley pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in October 2020, leading to a two-month jail sentence.

The conviction stemmed from a December 25, 2019, incident in Ferndale. According to reports, Kingsley, during a dispute with her then-roommate (a transgender woman), brandished a knife on Christmas Day.

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