“Men Are Simply Larger, Faster, and Stronger” – Transition to the Girls’ Division Propels Mediocre High School Athlete to Shatter Records and Conquer Races.

The 22nd edition of the Maine Cross Country Festival of Champions is abuzz with controversy this weekend, all thanks to one participant: Soren Stark-Chessa. Amidst discussions surrounding biology and fairness, Stark-Chessa, formerly a competitor in the boys’ division, has switched to the girls’ division, sparking intense debates within Maine’s running community.

High School Athlete’s Transition

As reported by Shawn McBreiairty of YourNews, Stark-Chessa, originally a biological male, participated in the boys’ division as a freshman last year, representing Coast Waldorf School in Freeport, Maine.

In the boys’ division, he held the 172nd spot in the 5k category. 

Fast forward to his sophomore year, now competing in the girls’ division, and Stark-Chessa has astonishingly climbed to fourth place, leaving his competitors behind.

Stark-Chessa’s record as a freshman included two 14th-place finishes in cross-country meets.

Unfair Record Set  

However, this year has seen a dramatic transformation, with Stark-Chessa securing the runner-up and first positions in two races against high school girls. 

Notably, Stark-Chessa’s victory in Freeport boasted a time of 18:55, a staggering 1:42 ahead of the second-place finisher.

Critics argue that allowing a biological male to compete in the girls’ division creates an inherently unfair advantage. 

Support for “Fair Play”

An anonymous female cross-country runner from Maine said, “It is not fair to a female who has trained hard. Males are biologically faster than females, with testosterone. They need to run under their biological gender.”

Support for this viewpoint comes from various corners.

A concerned Maine high school track mom expressed her concerns, emphasizing the inherent differences between male and female athletes. 

She pointed out, “Men are simply larger, faster, and stronger than their female counterparts. To compare, the top-ranked female high school runner in all of New England would only be ranked #47th among high school boys in Maine. This boy, Soren Stark-Chessa, ranks #172 among Maine boys but #4 among Maine girls.”

Dominating Upcoming Cross-Country Event   

The spotlight now turns to the upcoming Festival of Champions race, known as Maine’s premier cross-country event.

Stark-Chessa will compete in the girls’ category, following his 51st-place finish in the boys’ division last year.

Given the differences, it’s anticipated that Stark-Chessa will significantly outperform his previous year’s finish in the girls’ division.

Policy Dilemma

The ‘Gender Equity and Inclusion Policy’ outlined in the Maine Principals Association Handbook suggests that athletes “should have the opportunity to participate in MPA activities in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity unless such participation would result in an unfair athletic advantage.”

Critics argue that Stark-Chessa’s remarkable rise in the girls’ division epitomizes precisely what the policy intends to prevent – an unfair athletic advantage.

The topic has incited passionate responses from X users, with one commenting, “If you cannot see the injustice of this… there is something deeply wrong with your sense of fairness.”

A Polarizing Debate

Others are calling for a new wave of feminism, “The 5th Wave of Feminism is needed to restore womanhood, defend women’s rights, and protect women’s sports and spaces!!”

Meanwhile, another user suggested that the female athletes should stage a protest, “The girls should just refuse to compete. Walk up to the starting line, then just sit down when the race starts.”

The case of Soren Stark-Chessa has quickly become a focal point in the ongoing discourse surrounding gender, biology, and fairness in sports. One thing remains clear: this conversation continues to be a topic that polarizes opinions.

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