Trike Toss Triumph! How One Man’s Epic Throw Ended a Neighborhood Trash War!

Al had lived in his neighborhood for six years, and each day, without fail, he’d indulge in his daily runs or walk his dog when the temperatures weren’t unbearably cold. Since his neighborhood was relatively new, there weren’t many paths, so he would usually follow the same route daily.

A Jumble of Items Was Carelessly Scattered on the Sidewalk

About four years ago, Al started seeing an odd occurrence.

Every time he passed by a specific house, a jumble of items was carelessly scattered on the sidewalk. Basketballs, shoes, broken plastic toys, umbrellas – really random groupings of everyday gear, always on the sidewalk behind this one house.

Al has a short dog and enough life awareness to realize how these obstacles could pose problems for others, like a parent pushing a stroller or a person in a wheelchair.

He’d always make sure to move the items to the grass nearby – he didn’t know where it was coming from but knew it was an issue on the sidewalk.

“Try Being Their Neighbor; It’s Like Living by a Dump”

Eventually, someone would notify the city via a local complaints app and would take care of the litter. Sometimes, Al even took it upon himself to collect and dispose of the trash.

Everything changed when Al created a Facebook account and joined his local neighborhood group.

As he browsed through past posts, a complaint about the house caught his attention and a comment from a neighbor, “Try being their neighbor; it’s like living by a dump.”

Digging through the comments, Al learned that the children of the house loved throwing things over their fence, ignorant of the inconvenience they were causing.

He Began a Silent Protest Against Careless Littering

Despite numerous complaints from neighbors and even the city, their parents didn’t care about their children’s peculiar pastime.

This revelation inspired a plan in Al’s mind: Why not return the items? And so, in 2021, Al began a silent protest against careless littering.

Whenever he came across any item from that house, be it a shoe, a toy, or dog poop bag, it went straight back over the fence. The kids were never outside when he threw the stuff back, so no one ever saw him throw the items back.

This became a regular activity, sometimes resulting in a playful back-and-forth – a glitter velcro shoe was thrown over the fence six times, and Al tossed it back every dang time!

Something in Him Snapped

It was bewildering to Al how the parents seemed unaware. After all, big items – from adult shoes to raincoats – were often used for this game.

Al’s patience wore thin on one fateful day in the fall of 2022. During his regular run, he spotted a plastic tricycle on the sidewalk, and something in him snapped!

He moved it to the grass and left it there. Initially, he ignored it, but when Al returned a few days later, he could hear the mischievous kids playing in their yard.

Seizing the moment, Al grabbed that sucker, took a few steps back, and sent it flying back into the yard with a forceful throw! A startled shriek from the yard followed the impact, the sound of breaking, and then silence.

“I Better Not See Any of Your Garbage on This Sidewalk Ever Again”

With a firm voice, Al warned, “I better not see any of your garbage on this sidewalk ever again,” and continued his walk, confident the children wouldn’t dare challenge him!

Given the high fence and the distance they’d need to cover to confront him, he felt pretty safe in his decision.

Since that decisive act in the fall of 2022, Al was pleased to note that the sidewalk behind that house remained pristine.

He Had Finally Solved the Neighborhood’s Litter Problem

The silent protest had worked! Despite the children still being very much present in the house, not a single piece of trash made its way onto the sidewalks again. Al had finally solved the neighborhood’s litter problem!

Redditors loved Al’s story! One user said, “I laughed entirely too hard at this. I can only imagine their faces as you yelled at them through the fence. I am going with Monster House vibes. I love it!”

Have you ever taken justice into your own hands? What happened?

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