Trump Behind Bars? Supporters Declare They’d Vote for Him Regardless, Slamming Charges as a ‘Political Witch Hunt’

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s recent arraignment in federal court, his dedicated supporters firmly backed the former president. Here’s the whole story.

Trump’s Long-Standing “Witch Hunt”

A Trump rally in Windham, New Hampshire, offered a window into his supporters’ sentiments, with many dismissing the charges against him as part of what they saw as a long-standing “witch hunt.”

This phrase, often echoed by Trump himself, reflected their perception of the legal proceedings as being politically motivated rather than stemming from genuine wrongdoing.

Amid the rally, attendees shared their viewpoints with Fox News Digital.

Al from Florida was asked if he still planned to support Trump, to which he replied, “Even if he’s in jail I will vote for him.”

“It’s a Political Game They’re Playing, and It’s Not Right”

“He’s being indicted because of political reasons. It’s a political game they’re playing, and it’s not right. They’re going to keep on doing it until they get him out of the picture. And he’s a strong survivor,” he added.

Joanne, who split her time between Massachusetts and Florida, echoed this sentiment, stressing her firm intention to vote for Trump.

In her eyes, each indictment only fortified his determination and influence, rendering him “stronger and stronger.”

She said, “They want him out of the picture. He is too threatening to the other party, and he uncovers a lot of things that should not be exposed, and that should be exposed. And I feel as though the other party is covering up a lot.”

“They Came on With Too Much Stuff That Nobody Else in the World Would Even Be Reprimanded For”

Jim from New Hampshire emphasized the perceived injustice by saying he was “even more intent” on voting for Trump in light of the charges.

Jim said, “It’s just so obvious what’s going on that it’s just impossible not to see it. It’s just too much. They came on with too much stuff that nobody else in the world would even be reprimanded for. They’re indicting him.”

Jason from Rhode Island voiced his opinion, condemning what he saw as an extended political witch hunt.

He accused critics and the media of relentless attacks on Trump since his announcement to run for office, maintaining that their efforts continued despite a lack of substantial evidence.

“I Am a Resident of Florida and Ron DeSantis Is My Governor and I Think the World of Him”

While some attendees adamantly supported Trump exclusively, others entertained the idea of alternative Republican candidates.

The mention of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis captured attention, particularly among those with connections to the state.

“I am a resident of Florida and Ron DeSantis is my governor and I think the world of him. If Trump couldn’t get in then I would love to see DeSantis in,” Joanne said, with Al echoing that sentiment.

“And They Try To Make Him Out as a Liar and I Have Not Seen Any Lies”

When asked whether there was a second-best choice for president among the Republicans running, Jim replied, “Not really.… It’s got to be [Trump]. He has a lot of guts. I’ll say it that way. When he starts to do something he finishes it. And they try to make him out as a liar and I have not seen any lies.”

“He’s said what he was going to do at the beginning of 2016, and he tried to do everything that he said he was going to do despite opposition like nobody’s ever seen. So you have to admire a guy like that,” he added.

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