“Trump Is a Criminal” – Letitia James Divides Democrats Who Ask ‘Is This Prosecution or Persecution?’

A known Democrat has used X as a platform to call out the corrupt actions of New York’s Attorney General Letitia James over the civil lawsuit she is currently pursuing against Trump. 

Eri Lake’s Surprising Defense

You know you’ve crossed a line when members of your party take to X (Twitter) to call you out, which is exactly what Eri Lake just did to Letitia James.

Eri Lake has no issues telling his true feelings toward Trump. Publicly calling him a dangerous demagogue, it’s clear he is not one of Trump’s fans.

Lake draws attention to the obvious by saying, “She campaigned on prosecuting him. Her case is dubious, thin, and unprecedented. She wants to confiscate his fortune because he was trying to make the Forbes list. I don’t like Trump either, but an elected Democrat is interfering in the Republican primary. You don’t see that?”

Immediate Twitter Backlash

It took no time at all for the extreme left to come to the defense of Letitia James. Jonathan Chait argued, “I don’t like Ron DeSantis, and if somebody prosecuted him, I’d be concerned. But Trump is a criminal who went into politics.”

Other commenters chimed in with pure opinions that failed to address the problem being called out by a Democrat.

The most repeated line was something like, “He’s a criminal. Criminals should be punished.”

Never mind that these particular proceedings in question are civil, not criminal. 

Lake’s Point of View

Lake’s point of view is simply the fact that democracy does not allow the use of our justice system to launch an unprecedented attack against a political opponent.

He said it all with the statement, “I don’t want to live in a country where our justice system is weaponized by either party.”

Despite the many arguments, his actual viewpoints were mostly unaddressed.

New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait just repeated his original “Trump is a criminal” stand.

He did slightly change it up with, “He’s a professional swindler who went into politics.” Lake stood by his statements and backed them up with simple facts.

He addressed each argument with civility and factual information. 

James’s Campaigned She’d Go After Trump 

The political motivation behind her actions is hard to deny after the many speeches she openly gave with regard to Trump.

One of the promises with which James campaigned for election was to hold Trump accountable for his alleged crimes.

She vowed to investigate Trump if elected, and that’s exactly what she did.

When asked, James has repeatedly said the civil case being brought against him is “not about politics. It’s about the law.” 

The Judge’s Ruling

Judge Engoron found Trump liable for fraud. As a result, Judge Engoron canceled the Trump Organization’s business certification, and the trial is not even over yet.

Trump’s legal team wasted no time filing an appeal to the ruling, saying, “We’re not seeking delay. We’re not seeking anything but a fair trial, and these errors permeate the ongoing trial.”

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