Trump Is NOT Invincible – He Is Very Beatable in 2024 as Governor Chris Sununu Proposes Unexpected Names for the Election

In a surprising interview on “CNN This Morning”, Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire made several bold predictions for the 2024 presidential election. Here’s the full story.

The Majority Does Not Support Trump

As he discussed the potential contenders and key issues, he revealed an intriguing perspective on the future of the Republican Party.

Governor Sununu first turned his attention to Donald Trump’s popularity among New Hampshire’s GOP electorate.

Citing recent polls showing Trump at 37%, he emphasized that a significant 63% of the state’s Republican base does not support the former president.

“Huge opportunity. Trump is very, very beatable. But we have to find the candidate that’s going to surge,” he said.

“He Gets People Excited on Stage”

When asked about potential contenders, Sununu said, “Look [Vivek] Ramaswamy, I got to tell you, is exciting people. He gets people excited on stage. I think he’s got to bring a little more to it other than just being the other anti-woke guy.”

He added, “I think some of the newer candidates, I think [Doug] Burgum is spending some money. People looking his way. You know, Pence, Haley, Tim Scott, they’ve been in the race a while. People know exactly where they are. They’re great individuals with amazing records, but they’ve got to bring really some personality and I think there’s an opportunity to do that.”

He emphasized the desire for genuine Republican drama, signaling a shift away from the tumultuous Trump era and a quest for fresh and dynamic leadership within the party.

What Is Biden’s Fate?

Switching gears, Sununu addressed the ongoing legal troubles of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

He said, “Well, look, I’ve said very clearly, any time a politician or a politician’s family has the word deal next to them, that’s a problem. That’s a huge problem.”

However, Sununu did not view the Hunter Biden issue as the sole factor that would determine Biden’s fate in the primary process. Instead, he hinted at a more complex scenario.

He said, “I don’t think this is the only thing. But I’m going to tell you, I don’t think Joe Biden is the nominee in 24. And I think you’re going to see a wild convention where he and his people start steering the delegates somewhere else. I really believe that sincerely. I think it’s a health thing.”

Opening a Can of Worms

“They’re doing everything to make sure that he doesn’t have to testify and have to sit there in court and open all this other stuff. The whole book gets opened up if that process happens,” he added.

While acknowledging that this perspective might appear like a conspiracy theory, Sununu concluded, “I just think that’s the way it’s playing out. I don’t think Trump or Biden are on that ticket.”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the talk.

“Nobody Has a Base Like Trump, Nobody”

One Twitter user wrote, “They’re both already running so prediction failed?”

Another user added, “Nobody has a base like Trump, nobody.”

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